The RED crossbody bag.

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457477615.623824.jpg

    Hi Everyone , can i please have a vote which one of this 4 lovely bags will be ideal for daily use?
    Or if you have any other suggestion please feel free to do so :smile: thank you
  2. I love the LV Twice!
    Another choice, and I own one, is the Mansur Gavriel mini bucket in calf leather flamme. Terrific lipstick red color and at $610 won't break the bank. Downside...hard to find.

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  3. Well, since I'm planning to buy that exact Gucci Disco next month, I'll have to go with that. The LV is lovely too.
  4. I would vote Gucci Disco!! Second choice would be the Antigona.

    The LV isn't that inspiring and honestly, I hate the Valentino. Those rockstuds aren't my thing and I think the bag will look dated more quickly than the others.
  5. I just got the red disco last week, and I love it! It is the perfect shade of red. It holds so much and is so easy to wear. I anticipate using it often.
  6. I will chime in with some of the others on the red Disco. I bought one for my daughter for Christmas, and am amazed at the beauty of the red color. I have two Discos, and would be ready for another someday! I have a black Rockstud, and it does not bring me quite the joy it originally did. The LV looks smaller? Will it hold enough? It looks handsome, though.
  7. I have the LV and Disco, you can't go wrong with either. I dislike top handles on cross-body bags. The Mansur bucket is also a good alternative.
  8. I have the red disco and I can't recommend it enough. The color is a true red. The size is perfect for the style imo. My husband calls it my magic bag because it actually fits a lot. So that would be my first choice.

    Second choice is the LV twice. I love the design and the empreinte leather. Because the profile is flat, putting stuff in there might be a bit challenging, without it looking too bulky or out of shape.

    A red crossbody is a fun and functional bag. Good luck on your decision. [emoji3]
  9. Red Disco :tup:
  10. Gucci disco ![emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  11. The Twice or the Gucci. They seem the most practical to me.
  12. I looked at both LV and Gucci. I prefer the Gucci in terms of functional. LV is amazing in the leather. But I dislike things bulking up so I would choose the Disco. :smile:
  13. Love the Givenchy bag. That my choice.
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