**The Red Club**

  1. :heart:Please post pics of your beautiful Red BBags and accessories here!:heart:
    '06 Rouge Vif Purse and Rouge Vif Money

  2. Vermillion 07 City
    Rouge Vif 06 Day & Mini Coin
  3. Your reds are beautiful, Andy_Sach!!:love: Love your whole BBag collection!:yahoo:
  4. Does grenat count as red....

  5. My well loved 05-rouge theatre Work and 06-rouge_vif money wallet.

  6. yeah! i'm a member of The red club ^o^

    miss 06 rouge vif city :love:



  7. F06 Grenat Work :wlae:...

    and F06 Rouge Vif City:heart:
  8. Love your beautiful Reds Fred&Ginger,Esiders, Cityoflight and Fromparis!:love: Thanks for posting!!:yes:
  9. My vif city. Has the most saturated color I have every seen on a vif! It is so soft you could fold it into a ball!

  10. Your RV City is BEAUTIFUL!!:love: Congrats, Shasta!!:yes::heart:
  11. I've already posted pics in a couple other threads, but here she is again: my Rouge Theatre City!!!

  12. Thank you MarieG, I love your Rouge VIF purse too. The leather is TDF!!
  13. I :heart: my RT triplets!!! Presenting RT First, City & Work :wlae:
    Redney's reds.JPG Red handles.JPG Redney's reds on arm.JPG
  14. God!! Redney!!:drool:
    I wish I have any one of them, just one. :crybaby:
    Anyway, stunning collection gal!! Congrats!!:tup:
  15. Good God, redney!!!!!!

    Those are drop dead!!!!!:wtf::drool::tup:
    Major drooling action on the gorgy RT Work!!!