the reason why we can't find a pic of the red metallic re~issue is................

  1. ..................................there isn't one!!! :nogood: :crybaby: ~ apologies US ladies if you already know this ~ but last time i was posting there seemed to be some confusion as to who was getting it ~ personally speaking ~ i got a call on Dec 28th to confirm that there would be red, silver, gold, navy & green metallic re~issues ~ but they didn't know in which sizes. two other UK chanel boutiques confirmed this to me as well ~ i have since been driving myself (& everyone else ~ lol!) crazy trying to see a pic ~ today i finally received an e~mail to advise that there is no red metallic re~issue & worse still my other choices ~ navy & green are only available in the 28 & 35 sizes @ a price of £1350 & £1700 respectively ~ yikes! ~ so if i want my 2 x 24cm bags i'm going have to look elsewhere ~ the maddening thing is ~ i passed on one from paris last week b/c i wanted to stay loyal to my own chanel boutique. worse still for those craving purple ~ there isn't going to be any either ~ :crybaby: ~ i have to say 'tho ~ i honestly believe that the SA's are in the dark just as much as we are ~ right up until the last minute before the bags arrive.

    as for my red bag ~ :nuts: there is going to be a lot of red patent here as well ~ but with gold h/w ~ they are also receiving the dark red distressed calf~skin ~ in a larger size ~ but once again ~ they don't have a pic ~ :hysteric: ~ & so what i can't figure out is ~ which is the bag in the other thread? ~ the one the cute little girl is hugging ~ it sure looks like a metallic to me ~ still confused then? ~ i know i am ~ not to mention totally hacked off :yucky:
  2. Oh wow this is very confusing! Let's hope it gets resolved ASAP.
  3. Yes, I think we're coming to the final conclusion that there will not be a red metallic reissue. Maybe for a future release?

    My guess is that the bag the little girl is holding in the other thread is a dark red distressed calfskin.:yes:
  4. hi smooth ~ is this the same as the last bordeaux re~issue? ~ b/c it looks so different ~ :confused1:
  5. It's too hard to make out exactly what the color looks like from the picture (with the little girl).

    Let me find the color codes for both bags and then we'll know for sure.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. O*M*G* smooth ~ you have just posted a pic of my HG!!! ~ :love::drool::love: ~ & just when i was trying to calm down due to there being no red mat r~i ~ lol! ~ you know i pmd a couple of tpfrs over the bordeaux & they didn't reply ~ i think perhaps i over~enthused a bit! ~ i :heart: it too much! ~ lol! ~ i located 2 bordeaux hybrids ~ (this is where i get :confused1:) ~ they were the same colour & with the mm lock but they had a different chain ~ & i :love: the b~chain ~ i know one will turn up someday but i had my heart set on a newbie.

    the other thing is 'tho i think the dark red calf~skin comes with gold h/w ~ :sad:

    anyways, you are always so helpful! ~ thank you ~ :flowers:
  8. And the hybrid was a different leather, was it distressed caviar? It definitely was not distressed calf.:nogood:
  9. possibly ~ b/c when i look again @ the pics both SA's sent me the leather is not nearly as nice as on the one above ~ both are very "scratched" looking ~ i wondered if they were returns ~ :confused1: ~ gosh! ~ i thought it was from 2006 ~ but 2005? ~ i don't have a hope in hell! ~ lol! ~ if you happen to see the 2008 dark red ~ please could you lmk ~ v ~
  10. Just a quick question the 28cm length reissue, is that the 226 or the 227???
  11. which thread? thanks!
  12. 28cm/2.5inches = 11.2 inches in length which makes it the 226
  13. I got to see the lookbook at NM today, and forgot to write down the color number for the red, which is NOT metallic, as previous posters have already pointed out. The little swatch of dark red looked burgundy(ish), definitely not bright red. I still want it! As to the metallic colors, how is a person supposed to decide? The tiny swatches were amazing. It hasn't been mentioned much, but the green was beautiful, too. Along with purple, navy . . . I guess I don't really need food for the next few months or so. :shrugs:
  14. The color code from the '06 bordeaux is 81426.

    I can't wait to see the '08 red...metallic or not!