The reason why I drive a hyundai hehehehehe my babies....

  1. hello - I'm a newbie/lurker.
    Just thought I'd share my collection.
    and yes seriously, the money I spent on these I could have upgraded to another car, so until my addiction to LV :heart:will stop, I guess I'll be driving around my plastic car :yes:
  2. there's no pics?
  3. dumb me. sorry gals
    here it is
  4. Here's my marc jacobs collection
  5. i love most of ur shoes!!!
  6. Love the pochettes!
  7. your shoes are so cute - great collection.
  8. Very nice collection!
  9. Beautiful collection :smile:
  10. Very nice collection!
  11. Very nice collection!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Very Very Classic..just gorgeous
  13. Lovely mandarin and azur pochettes!
  14. nice collection.
  15. I love the title of your thread, sometimes I feel the same way....