the reason why i bought Saumur at LV party....

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  1. ...... i had about 6-7 glasses of champagne and i was feeling too good....:drinkup: and about 3-4 SAs (that i remember) told me that it looked cute on me (i had juicy tube dress and jacket and boots....all in black) ---- so i went "i'll take it!!!:heart: "

    i used it today and it is such a comfortable messanger bag! you can double loop the strap to make it to shoulder bag....i'm glad i got it!

    i've always wanted this bag, but it seemed so..... 80"s. i remember it was so popular then (in japan) with 'older-than me' ladies.

    surprisingly it fits so here are pics of what fits inside (minus her toys!) - on both sides. again just like other thred of baby had to model! sorry about that! :love:

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  2. this is the other side compartment....with inside open pocket. it fits quite a bit.:yes:
  3. LOVE that bag! Congrats!!
  4. seems like a great bag for a mom. you can fit everything u need in it for ur little girl. Who happens to be the most beautiful child EVER. Enjoy ur new bag!!!
  5. Oh! congrats!!!! :P

    Love the bag and love your cute darling!!!
  6. omg i was thinking about getting this too! it's so pretty and so versatile! congrats!
  7. oh i was thinking about getting it in mini lin i mean.
  8. i've been wanting saumur for the longest time...but for the same reason, i thought of it as 80's bag era.... can you post a picture of you wearing the saumur as a messenger bag? I am really looking for a messenger bag at the moment...

    thanks thanks!
  9. Congrats!!
  10. Congrats! With all this talk about LV parties, I'm so dejected I didn't get to go to mine:crybaby: .

    I'm glad you got something though and your DD is just precious!
  11. thanks everyone!!:heart:

    the party..... door was OPEN for everybody like reg business hour! nothing was really special about this event.... except i got drunk at Louie and ate lots of godiva chocolate!!!!!:graucho: