The Reason I Buy LV

  1. because it GLOWS in the sun, lol jk...but look at my pics of my speedy..this is amazing :love:

  2. Sophia!!! That is such a beautiful picture!!!:love:
  3. lol i had my brother take it cause the sen ws setting :smile:

    thanks so much though
  4. gorgeous shot of you and your speedy :biggrin:

    is that a 25 or 30?
  5. That pic is HOT!
  6. its a 25

    the 30 is in my closet, ill take one for you if you just playing wit ya!
  7. great picture! you look like a model and i love how the speedy 25 shines. i must admit that the speedy is growing on me...
  8. good :smile:
  9. Sophia! you are in the dark but you are more glowing than the bag. You are just beautiful!
  10. aww thanks.
  11. The bag is as beautiful as its owner :smile:
    Great picture!
  12. Great pic and you have great legs, too!
  13. muchos gracias everybody ^__^
  14. Wonderful pic:smile:

  15. whoa :heart: the picture sophia!