The Real World: TPF!

  1. Watching The Real World: Sydney last night inspired me to start this game:

    Name six other people you'd like to be in a Real World house with and feel free to say why.

    And if you're worried about leaving people out, you can answer multiple times with different combinations of people.
  2. I feel these people would be the most interesting to be in the house with. Too lazy to say why on each but here goes:

    Merika, bagnshoo, Swanky, HubbaWubba, Charles, HauteMama, and MEEEE!
  3. FUN!!!

    Selena for sure as we are cut from the same cloth.

    Megs, to calm us down,

    Jill, can not expain why.

    Shushopn, same kind of humor as Selena and I.

    Danica, for balance.

    OH NO...only six!!


    If Im going to be stuck in a house with 6 people Im going to PARTY. This is a good mix. I need to add MORE!!!
  4. Let's see . . .

    John 5
    (We'd have so much fun!)

    (They're really cool.)

    (He's CHARLES. Need I say more?)

    (Every night could be Club Bagnshoo!)

    Shimma Puff
    (The conversations we could get into . . . . )
  5. Megs


    John 5



    and ME.
  6. Megs (house mom)

    Vlad (house dad)

    HubbaWubba (jokester)

    ShimmaPuff (conversationalist)

    Simseema17 (another jokester)

    Star377 or Baggaholic (for their TDF bag & shoe collections!)

    and ME!!!!
  7. hmm interesting my pick would be

    Roo(really interesting person we'd get on really well)

    Charles-well.....he's charles. he'll definately calm me down when I get into the shouting matches with the BF (assuming that I had one).

    john 5-we'd talk about LV all day long and fashion in general

    shimma puff- discussions(wouldn't be bored)

    elongreach-elong would be fun to have in the house

    Aslan-sounds like she' d give me a hard time over my antics(I'm a little
    prankster! LOL)

    and moi!