The Real World - AUSTIN, TX

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  1. Did anyone catch the reunion episode???? WoW....there's serious drama between Nehemiah and Danny. I thought they were hella good friends in the house, what happened?? So Danny and Melinda are engaged now, I wonder if they will last. They really do seem like they genuinely like each other alot. I'm totally shocked that Wes and Johanna are together now. What did you guys think of this particular Real World season????
  2. HA HA HA! I didn't catch the whole episode, but I thought this cast was pretty mellow compared to some others...(remember Tek & /ruthie?) all I remember from the season was Melinda crying all the time over Danny, boohoo, and can someone please explain how Wes would always get macked on?!! (How???) And how the heck is Wes with Johanna now? All I have to say is he's one lucky playa'! The San Diego cast was much more amusing.
  3. I actually would have been a little annoyed if I were Melinda- to get proposed to with a free ring on camera for MTV only to give some publicity to the company and then make MTV specifically thank the company after. I don't know- doesn't seem too appealing or personal to me. Does that make me completely shallow?? :amuse:

    Nehemiah always bothered me, so he really pissed me off on the reunion!!!! I liked Danny, he was really good to everyone. For some reason I am always hooked on this show! Ha
  4. ME TOO!!!! I was thinking the same exact thing about the proposal, it was totally planned and totally cheap and in bad taste to me considering MTV paid for the ring....they gave hella props to the company that provided the free ring and yeah, if I were Melinda, I'd be a little annoyed. But then again, remember....these people went on Real World so there's just about nothing that they wouldn't do on camera.

    I'm so addicted to this show. I still sit and watch the repeats and marathons on the weekends if I'm pathetic is that...hahhaa..
  5. OMG! I haven't watched the reunion show yet and I can't believe Danny and Melinda are engaged and Wes and Johanna are going out! That is just unbelievable. I just want to watch the re-run now. Just amazing, thanks for the shocking news:amazed:
  6. i noticed that too when they thanked the comapany. But a free ring is a free ring...she might not have got a ring that size otherwise....;)

    ......Am I the only one who wishes that Melinda would get a haircut or put some curls/body in her hair. She's such a pretty girl and she always look like she just got out of bed. That bothered me the whole season........I don't know why
  7. That ring glittered under all those lights. In fairness to Danny, he probably makes a decent living working with his father but if he can give Mel a ring that's likely out of his financial league by doing a little advertising, so be it. It's not like Donald Trump Jr. who can spare a few dollars here and there but opted to propose in the middle of the mall jewelry store that donated his fiance's ring.
  8. I know it was a nice ring, but I still just think that I wouldn't feel it was as personal. To me it is not about the size of the ring, but the meaning behind it. I'd hate to have my proposal televised on none other than MTV. But that is just me. That being said, I sure did see how it sparkled and how big it was!!
  9. i was glued to the tv this season. i really hated nehemiah, wes and lacey though. but i'm happy for danny and mel, i think they are very cute together.
  10. Wait - Wes is dating Johanna? WTF? I watched part of the reunion episode - how did I miss that? Lucky dude. He is not attractive at all and she is gorgeous.

    I love Danny - he is so cute and sweet. I am neutral on Nehemiah. Rachel is annoying but I felt bad for her; Melinda I have something against because my boyfriend thinks she is the hottest thing ever. I think Johanna is beautiful and the weird girl whose name I forget is kind of a biatch. This season was okay; I preferred Philadelphia though.

  11. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! Such a pretty girl, but oh so plain-she definitely needs to do a makeover to teach her to do cute things with her hair, makeup & style...
  12. I thought Wren was a really pretty girl.
  13. I agree, Wren was very cute,so what the heck did she ever see in Wes??? (WTF?!?!) and now Johanna? :weird:
  14. you know opposites attract............i know wes and johanna would eventually hook up
  15. i really liked this season and the reunion episode. i hope some of them go on the gauntlet or inferno.