The REAL unveiling.

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  1. Hey look at what's happening on the LV forum:

    and then the Balenciaga girls went nuts too:

    but aren't we supposed to be the queens (and kings) of unveilings? :nuts:

    I am really looking forward to seeing somebody modeling a jpg kelly pochette:woohoo:YAAAAAY!
  2. not
  3. GF, you first with the Carmencitas....
  4. :lol::lol::lol:

    GF, it's a dare.
  5. Yes GF, but that was just some fake thread. Did you notice this is the only forum where NOBODY went naked?
    This is why I called it the REAL unveiling.

    Come on show us something really naked!:angel:
  6. Why Me? LMAO...I already posted in the "album cover" thread - "here's is me naked with my troika"

    "yes, but where's the bag?"
  7. OK, I'll accept the dare....I'll go nude with my SO


    it arrives before the end of the month!
  8. GF, you would look great with your pants of peace and that kelly but nothing else on:graucho:
  9. The craftsmen in Paris are rushing right now!

  10. ^^OH, yes, can't forget the pants of peace!!! Look, I'll even cut you some slack, you can use the pasties I sent you.:lol:
  11. Yes, they are and I told them to switch your SO to a 15cm Kelly.:p
  12. Sorry ladies! I have to close this thread now ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.