The Real Tragic Story Behind Nicole's & Paris's Reconciliation

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    Brent Shapiro
    [​IMG]This is the first picture released of BRENT SHAPIRO - Paris' close pal who died last year from an ecstasy overdose.

    The anniversary of his tragic death is thought to have sparked the star's shock reconciliation with Nicole Richie last week.
    Their born-again friendship was sealed during an emotional October 9 visit to Hillside Memorial Park where Paris wrote a note of remembrance.
    It read: "Brent, I love you. Miss you and want you to know that I am here today to show you I care and think of you! I love you, Paris".
    Nicole also paid her respects saying: "It is the one year anniversary of the death of a dear friend of mine. Brent Shapiro was a saint. I often thought he was too perfect to even be on this earth.
    "I have faith that he is in a better place. But I ask of all of you to stop, take a look at your life, and value how truly lucky you all are.
    "Tell someone you love them, even if you think they already know. Life is short. Take it in. Peace and Love. xx"

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  2. He actually didn't die of an ectasy overdose, although there were complications with the ectasy. He was a recovering drug addict, very sad!!! He was the fiance of my dear friend. I, too, have been thinking of him this week. I never got to meet him, was going to at his wedding that was suppose to be this past summer.

    I, too, have faith he is in a better place. Life is too short!!!
  3. im touched :cry:
  4. oh. it' so sad
  5. Thank you Prada's Meadow for posting this thread and BorsaBella, thank you for your post. I didn't realize how much ecstasy has horribly gotten out of hand! tragic and sad for these very young people.:crybaby: My heart goes out to all the loved ones, I hope those with children read this thread.
  6. what a sad story
  7. very sad.
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  9. Sad!
  10. How sad :crybaby:
  11. Why is this news? Another kid who had everything and threw it all away for 5 seconds of getting "high". It's not sad...its pathetic. :s
  12. This is sad.........
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