the real test

  1. so my bonnie has caught some slack from me. oh yes. the crease. the attraction my cat has to it. i was happy, then i was sad. now i'm indifferent.

    i spent $212 dollars on a Bonnie Kooba in Blonde from Lexie. it won't go unused. i will no longer let her sit in her dustbag on the shelf. she is coming out to play. the sun is out and when my roommate gets home we're going on an outing. bonnie is coming. this will be the first time since the cat incident.

    i'm going to use this bag to it's full potential. if the little scratches and scuffs the bag aquires bother me, i'll rub them out with a damp fingertip, as the bag seems to take to a bit of moisture a lot better than it does a fingernail! watermarks are gone within minutes. (little ones)

    i'll still be taking precautions but i won't be carrying it in a plastic bag. i'll sheild it from dripping water, i won't set it down in mud. no floor of the car, no rough unnessacary treatment. but it's going to get used. lets just see what the bonnie can handle. :sneaky:
  2. Good for you!
    But I really would suggest some Wilson's. The 8.00 is so worth it.
  3. I will definatley asap! i'm so broke it's not even funny but both me and my roommate agree the kooba investment is worth the wilsons investment
  4. YAAY JESS :smile: im so glad to hear you are past the dark phase and now she can come out again!! :smile:

    youll be happy using her, and now that she has some wear to her you dont have to go as crazy caring for her which is nice!!
    :smile: YAY!
  5. :yes:
  6. Good for you! There's no point in keeping these great bags stashed away. They're meant to be used. Heck, we all get a little wear and tear but that's what happens when you LIVE!