The Real Test: Bonnie~ UpDaTe

  1. so i went around town with the bonnie and her sensitive blonde leather today, and i suppose i can pat her on the back... er, bow... anyway... it rained today. i decided to walk from my car to the grocery store with the bonnie chillin on my arm. no protective spray. no sheilding arm. i'd say about 45 seconds in the rain to the store with a light drizzle, and on the way out of the store to the car 45 seconds of a bit of heavier rain. not to mention the trip up and down the staircase outside my house that drips like it's goin out of style. just leather vs rain. seriously, if you're not like, soaking the bag, the water marks are NON EXSISTANT. this spring line of leather is good for a quick dash through the rain. in blonde anyway! the scratches that it aquires i'm just starting to get used to, and i'll still never forgive my cat for chewing on this bag... lil SOB... anyway... all in all i can carry this bag without too much regret at this point because of all the hell it's been through. the bonnie is a nice lil bag ;)
  2. I'm glad you're using it, Bliss and it's great news about it not being too sensitive to rain (hell, had to be something good about that leather...) Just keep that kitty off it!;)
  3. I am glad you are using it also but I do not take my Koobas out in the rain without being sprayed first, you might want to do that regardless! Will keep it nicer longer.
  4. That's good to hear. But please do buy some spray. It'll hold up better in the long run.
  5. yes yes my kooba masters, spray spray. like maggie7 said there had to be a greatness in quality to the leather (after all the testimony to koobas i HAD to find it) it's a really good bag. i didn't really think it was going to be raining till we got to the grocery store, and by that time, i was like "okay, test time. this'll be somethin to write TPF about" in my head.

    i exclaimed, "Kooba in the rain, Kooba in the rain" almost as a warning to my roommate....

    he just looked over at me and said "well that'll be something to write TPF about"

    and here i am. happy as a clam with my dented little lovely bonnie. yay.
  6. Have you ever wondered why leather purses spot in the rain....yet....when the hide is on the sheep, they stay out in the rain all day long with nary a spot.

    Makes one wonder....
  7. hehe, ya know i'll eventually put the wilsons leather stuff on it but i'm afraid with the sensitivity of the leather, it would just protect from water and the scratches still will show up. i think this leather is going to age beautifully.

    the question is, does kooba suggest leather protectant?
  8. Glad to hear that you're getting use out of your Bonnie! Im still waiting for mine and Im itching to even see it, let alone use it! LOL!

    Also, totally off topic, but I noticed that you and I share the same birthday vicious bliss, so I will be expecting a pressie as you have no excuse to not remember! :lol:
  9. Bonnie is a real trooper! She may be pretty, but she's tough, huh?

    Glad to hear it withstood the rain. I've noticed my Paige in khaki also does very well with light water spots. They just disappear... which is a good thing because down here in south Louisiana if it can't survive a rain storm, it ain't gonna last very long... whatever it is!
  10. hardy har girlfriend i'll be expectin a prezzy from you as well then!!!

    and yes light rain and the bonnie are fine and dandy, i never STOOD in the POURING rain with it, and im not tryin to ;) hehe
  11. Good to hear that if I ever do use my Bonnie I will be ok in the rain! Yay! Glad to see you've made up with your kitty. :flowers: