The real "Taking it Slow" thread!

  1. So this probably will die a quick death...but as I said I wanted to start a taking it slow for real thread! I need to - It's not even just a plan but a necessity - plus I really want to sit back and appreciate all I have and use my scarves and wear my bracelets and enjoy all my bags!! So this is my month to slow down....anyone with me??!!:smile:
  2. I am already on the slow jump aboard with me! I will be your support system shoes!!! I am waiting for my bag, whenever it shows up. I am also trying to enjoy what I presently is sweet.
  3. Who's with us? I forgot to ask.
  4. Count me in, ladies! Good to be here.:drinkup:
  5. Me too! (madly waving)

    .....aaaahhh......who am I kidding.

    Never mind. :s
  6. Count me in, I haven't been posting much on the board lately because I've already been on the take-it-slow road, but I've still been reading all about everyone's adventures :p
  7. i've been going so slow i'm practically going backwards.
  8. LMAO, shopmom! I'd deluded myself into thinking that my Hermes collection was complete, and yet I managed to buy two Hermes bags during the past week. Which reminds me of how I felt when I bought the Chanel classic flap in black quilted lambskin in the early 90's. I remembered gushing to my DH that it was the ultimate bag and I'd never need or want anything more. Yeah, right. :rolleyes:

    I'm hopping on the wagon with shoes, kellybag and h_addict right now and hoping not to fall off too soon.
  9. I'm going slowly as well!
  10. I'm at a full stop but dreaming of the future. :shame:
  11. Millstream...two bags???? Spill it girl!!!!
  12. For reference,
    SoCal and ShopMom are NOT ALLOWED IN THIS THREAD!!!

    Love them both though :p
  13. Count me in, gang! After Ms. Plume Elan arrives today, it's time to sit back and savor my bags, scarves, and bracelets, and spend some time assessing my collection and wardrobe before I buy another bag (exception would be my dream Birkin crossing my path at a price I couldn't refuse! - Can I have a qualifier on my "take it slow slow slow" path?? :sweatdrop: Or maybe a really sweet scarf.....???). You can tell I need some work.

    Millstream - Cmon, we want to know! Whadja get last week???
  14. I'm with you shoes ... Hermès just has to wait this time instead of me waiting! :lol:

    I'm keeping my money at the moment for jewelry lol! As you know, I'm still searching for a diamond tennis bracelet, which I'm quite positive I'll get in NYC this June. :graucho:
  15. Uh oh, Kellybag, if I respond I'm afraid that thereallouis will banish me with ShopMom and SoCal. My lips are sealed.