The Real Housewives of Vancouver, BC Canada!

  1. ;)
  2. They were out of my size. :sad:

    Oh well, better for the bank account!
  3. I enjoyed the first part of the reunion, however I hope they deal with more issues than just everything to do with Mary!. It seemed to be so much about her, it was like the Mary show!:shrugs:
  4. Aww, that sucks! But I hear you, better for the wallet for sure.
  5. This was really painful to watch. Jody = vile (some things never change), Ronnie = clearly ON something OR she is just VERY VERY uncomfortable in front of the camera.
  6. What did everyone think of the reunion outfits?

    These ladies had nothing on the RHoBH - I think they always have the best dresses, shoes, hair, makeup etc

    - I thought Mary look very pretty in white and I liked her hair & makeup
    - Christina look good too - dress was cute
    - Wasn't a fan of Reiko's dress colour for her skin tone, didn't like her make up or shoes - although I still love her, she's still one of my favourites
    - Hated Ronnie dress & necklace but thought her hair looked nice
    - Jody's outfit was ugly, her make up was nice
  7. I think Mary played up her innocence well with the hair style and dress color. she looked cute but I was annoyed that most of the show was about her. Christina looked amazing as always. Jody looked gross and old and her hair looked different and bad.
  8. I wish that Reiko would change her hair color, she would look so much better with a more natural color in her hair, she's beautiful and has a smoking body, but that hair color just takes away from her.

    Christina always looks good.

    Mary always looks good and well dressed. I always find it weird that Jody is so critical of her looks and attire.

    Jody's outfit was ugly (as usual). I don't like anything she wears, she dresses like a tween. Her bad extensions weren't as noticeable at the reunion.

    Agree, Ronnie's hair was nice, but that dress wasn't. And not much expression from her face, too much botox I guess.
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    I just loved the last 10 minutes of episode 13...

  10. I hope part two of the reunion isn't as centred around Mary again.
  11. Jody = :mad::noggin::storm::rtr:

    Ronnie said she never wanted to speak again to Jody. Well she is friends again, she is just weird. I did like her, but not anymore.

    I love Reiko, Christina and Mary!
    Hope they will be back on season 2 and Jody and Ronnie not...
  12. I think Reiko pulls off the blonde much more-so than Christina.

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  13. I too think Reiko really pulls off the blonde! She looks amazing. Beautiful inside and out. On her fb she has photos of her natural hair as well, and I prefer the blonde. Really works well with her complexion, she just glows.
    I turned her onto my blonde place during filming, they're the best; it's so hard to get it right
  14. She has GORGEOUS skin. :yes: I really thought judging from the bio photos she was going to look like a hot, plastic mess - but she looks incredible without makeup. I'm jealous! I'm sure she's had some work done - even if it is just cosmetic peels and the like - but if I were Reiko, I'd be giving a stern talking to the PS master who did the slice bio photos. Girlfriend looks like a totally different person on the show, whereas they made her look like the Cat Lady on the slice website.

    I know it's mean - and Christina's just IMHO, there if that makes sense - but I don't think the blonde really suits her, nor do I really think she's much of a fashion plate, either. Totally pedestrian, apart from the height.
  15. I was finally able to watch the reunion part 1, and Ronnie is different after the panic attack. I think she drank back stage. She only attacks Mary after she's been drinking.

    As a viewer I saw Mary bullied all season long. And it's funny how in the beginning of the season Jody says Mary needs to stand up for herself. Jody got what she asked for.