The Real Housewives of Vancouver, BC Canada!

  1. These women are so ridiculous. As I said a while ago, this show really has not been very enjoyable for the last several eps and this reunion is ridiculous. Ronnie and Mary are as horrid as ever and next week looks just as bad. Boo! I was really enjoying this show at the beginning. Now, not so much.
  2. I'm so happy PaigeT is posting here. I had a feeling there was more going on than we are being shown. And I had a very strong vibe about Jody being kind... I guess she just wants to play the villain on the show? These programs need fighting and there wouldn't be much of a show without her.

    I watched the reunion episode tonight. I think Ronnie has some issues that they are dodging. She did call Mary's parent's, right?
  3. So Jody said she doesn't play a "part" in the show, she is portrayed as she is- good god why would she admit that!!! But I do believe that to be true, she is as vile on twitter as she is on the show

    Ronnie is delusional if she thinks the statement she read about what Mary said had anything to do with her mother, talk about grasping at straws & she did contact Mary's sister, she did it on the show

    I am so over Jody not admitting she sells second hand goods, she said it on the show - hope she gets blasted for that next week aswell as illegally charging Reiko's credit card
  4. You found Mary horrid? I though she had clear & consise arguements and was quite articulate
  5. Jody laughing at Mary crying, I expect nothing less from her - as Mary would say, she truly is horrific
  6. To be honest I feel the same way. I love lurking in this thread and reading everyone's funny/harmless comments and opinions. Lately a few posts have been taking the fun out of this otherwise great thread! Just a quick tip to anyone who might need it - this forum allows you to block all posts made by a certain member if you feel the need to do so...

    Looking forward to the reunion!
  7. I noticed Mary's hair is so natural, in terms of colour. I'm assuming she highlights it, but it's so subtle and pretty and really suits her complexion.

    Now, compare that to every other housewife on every other show and their overly blond hair... and Mary looks so fresh and lovely. I'm including Reiko in this overly blonde unattractive look.
  8. I still don't believe Christina is 30.

    To me, someone like Paige, Jhordan or Mia would be 30.
  9. Woo I'm finally sitting down to the pvr'd reunion!
  10. ^^ I'm just catching up now, too.

    I was on my way home from dance class when it first aired.
  11. Of course that was a typo! I meant Jody! I've never once before said Mary was horrid.
  12. Ronnie was so childish. They start to talk about her drinking and her blaming Mary for it, and she has to pick something so small to go off on Mary on as whether or not that studio is Mary's.

    Mary's adjective use was only her reaction to how others were treating people and she was spot on each time - their behaviour was disgusting, wretched, horrific, etc. Why those two can't see that she was not speaking badly about them except for her reaction to their behaviour is really maddening.

    I am not making light of this as I'm sure it was an unbelievably painful time in Ronnie's life, but I cannot muster up even a soupcon of sympathy for her regarding the clip from next week when she is crying about her daughter.

    She said she has had a lot of growth since watching her drunken moments over the season. Guess time will tell.

    Oh, and how is it that in 18 years she says she has "never once" spoken to Mary's mother? In all that time they've never met?
  13. Thats what I thought but you never know what people see when they watch the same show:smile:
  14. Well that was quite the reunion show.
    Seems they sat the nice girls on one side and the bullies on the other side.

    As usual, Jody was horrific. She is obsessed with Mary - my goodness, she just can't let it go. It seems all her information about the so called bad things Mary says about her come from Ronnie. Again Ronnie sure doesn't seem like any friend of Mary with all her tattling to Jody - Mary better just scrape that friendship.

    All the ladies have had work done on their faces (and elsewhere) - didn't even Jody admit she used botox. Botox, fillers what the difference.

    I thought it was hilarious that Ronnie had a copy of the show and was trying to attack Mary with that comment about how Mary was raised. Boy Ronnie was sure grasping at straws trying to say that it was an attack against Ronnie's Mom - it sure didn't make any sense, but maybe to a wine soaked brain or her little bulldog sidekick sitting on the couch with her.

    Jody is just so foolish. How interesting that she wasn't born Jewish, but converted - did she marry a Jewish man? Why was it such a bit deal to her. I blame Ronnie for the whole mess anyways, she was the one stirring the pot on the whole subject.

    I hope we get to hear a bit more about the whole 'secondhand' subject next week - I hope Jody get called on it - again another subject that Ronnie tattled between the ladies about.
  15. I get the feeling from Twitter and just in general that Ronnie won't be back next season. It comes across like she didn't really enjoy being on the show.

    Jody laughing while Mary was talking about her charity event was really cold. I think Mary was being sincere, I think it truly did have more to do with the Mia/Peter thing.

    Christina doing the "crazy" twirl with her finger made me laugh, she is always entertaining. Should be interesting when she yells at Jody next week to go eff herself. What's with Jody waiting outside her apartment at 8am in a town car, just to profane at her? That's nutty to me.