The Real Housewives of Vancouver, BC Canada!

  1. :lol: Wouldn't matter to me...I love watching these HW', cars, homes, trips, sprinkled with some cat-fighting lol!
  2. RHOV has been renewed for a second season, so they must have signed contracts for at least one more year! I wonder if Jody is part of the line up. I imagine so. As much of a disaster as she is, she has drawn a lot of attention to the show.
  3. Why did she choose such an ugly one?
  4. She didn't. She looks way better now. It was done after the show was filmed
  5. Her nose looks natural to me.

    I can't get a read on these women. I don't know what to think. I just saw the recent episode and no one is likeable. Maybe Mary. I think she's sweet, but who can tell if everyone is always mad at her.

    It seems that they are being fed cute lines to repeat during their talking heads. The only one who can probably think for herself is Jody, although I wish she would stop being so nasty. She's smart and funny, she doesn't have to do nasty.

    I could swear I heard Christine's real accent come out while drunk in the limo on the way home...
  6. Ha, Jody caught in another lie again last night saying Mary told her to her face about the rumour of second hand goods being sold at her store when it was Ronnie who told her...she lies a lot, can't keep them straight...

    Ronnie is a trouble maker, I think she said the "not jewish" comment originally since she brought it up last night again and it was always her word against Mary's as to who said it

    Mia is awful, why is she involved in the HW outings? get rid of her

    I really like Mary, Christian and Reiko - they are the only reason this show is fun to watch and they are so likeable ....Jody & Mia stuck the fun out, they must be so unhappy in their lives to be such miserable people
  7. Best line of the night, once again, belongs to Christina "if Jody said in the past that I should have McDonald's sign over my bed saying 1000000 served, Mia makes it 1000001":lol:
  8. I agree that Jody and Mia seem to suck all the fun out of the trip. The other ladies were trying, but it must have been hard.
    And yes, I also think that Ronnie stirs to pot all the time, causing more conflict within the group. I'm sure she's not trying to mend anything, she just likes to cause trouble.
    I think lots of the comments that get the ladies worked up come from Ronnie.

    Ronnie seems to be the one feeding Jody all the comments from the other ladies, with her own spin on the comments.

    And I don't know why Mary has been friends with Ronnie for so many years. We have only seen their relationship for a couple of months, and Ronnie sure doesn't act like any friend I'd ever have - she belittles Mary all the time. Christine seems to see the way Ronnie treats Mary, and does not seem to like it.

    Again Jody is her outlandish outfits makes me laugh. What did they need all those furs for a trip to the Okanagan, the weather looks warm.
  9. So when Christina said Mia spent the night, she meant??? :wondering
  10. I don't think Jody is funny at all. I can't stand the way she talks (her inflection) in her interview bits.

    The more I watch the less these women make sense to me. This ep Ronnie is all team Mary and then next week shows her basically saying to Mary that she likes Jody and for Mary to suck it up.

    Christina should have pulled a Jody at dinner and demanded an apology for the scene caused at The Room.

    Jody seriously passes on the merchant fees to her customers? Really? Her overhead should be built into her prices. Oh, and I'm disgusted by all their fur.
  11. ^ I agree

    Everyone here talks about Christina's accent, but Jody has an accent too, which is as fake as her hair

    Ronnie confused me, she has been friend with mary for 18 yrs and Jody for 5 minutes and "doesn't want to get in the middle" of them, why not stand up for Mary?? you don't know Jody and what you have seen of her you don't agree with but you can't take a stand??

    Looks like a lot if people are coming of the woodworks with regards to Jody's store charging the merchant fee back onto the clients - so shady!
  12. I may be going to Vancouver for Canada Day or another weekend this summer and I may pop into Jody's store just to check it out. I don't know where west Van is though. I always stay at a downtown hotel (Sheraton Wall Centre). I should check out some of the boutique hotels.
  13. L'Hermitage is a little boutique French hotel downtown that has the best service of anywhere I've ever stayed in Vancouver. They also have a pretty little outdoor deck/pool area which is nice to lounge by. Jody's store is just over Lion's Gate Bridge and West a bit, not too far away from downtown at all. Of course, there are much more luxurious hotels you could stay in, but I just adore the staff at L'Hermitage, they're wonderful.

    I would be super curious to visit Jody's store, if even just to check out the prices. Maybe my source was inaccurate, but if the store reportedly makes around 97k a year, it seems to me to be highly doubtful that they are making 30k+ sales, such as the one Reiko allegedly made. I have a feeling that whole storyline was completely fabricated, for the show of course.
  14. Thanks Terrianne!
  15. I don't know of the Reiko/Jody feud is fake for the show - Jody is a liar, but Reiko doesn't strike me as one and she seems so upset about it and starting a class act lawsuit against the store