The Real Housewives of Vancouver, BC Canada!

  1. Are you ready?!
  2. hah! i heard about this, i wish they would do real housewives of toronto! They said they we're going to do it but i haven't heard anything. This should be interesting!
  3. Every Canadian I've met have been the most mellow and kind people, so it will be interesting to see another side of our neighbors up north!
  4. You know that they are going to be expats.:lol:
    Is this going to be on Bravo-tv?
  5. Yeah!! Can't wait!

    Is it just airing here and not in the US?
  6. Well this should be interesting.
  7. When is this airing?
  8. Mmmmmm, interesting.
  9. Don't all the HWs look the same to you? I don't mean the Canadian ones, I mean every HW from every state and now, province.
  10. ^Who is the one in the middle? She looks really familiar:oh:
  11. This looks interesting...
  12. I really hope that this time we'll get to see this on the same night/at the same time Bravo airs it in US and not have to wait for it for six months or however long it takes for the Canadian channel to bring these Bravo shows over. Somehow I think it's going to be really lame ... I hope I am wrong.
  13. Its actually premiering on slice(canadian channel). Its not being produced by bravo because theyre an american company and this is a canadian show. If anything, it will take longer for it to air in the us
  14. I see. Thank you for the heads up. :smile:
  15. Man I wanna see this! We will have to wait in US? Now we know how you guys feel..
    The first one pictured has a scary chest!