The Real Housewives of Orange County...Season 3

  1. Hey! Anyone watch Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo? Season 3 is starting November 6th!! I love that show. However, I heard that my favorite couple, Jo and Slade will not be on the new season because they are no longer a couple and Jo is busy trying to start a music career.
  2. awesome!!! i didn't know they were going to do a new season...i wanna see laurie's wedding (if she got married)...and jeana & matt were having so much trouble i hope she leaves him lol... hey what part of florida are you from Jaden?
  3. I love the drama on this show. I can't wait!
  4. Oh I can't wait to see this. WooHoo... I can't stand Jo and Slade. I'm so glad they won't be on this season. And hooray, Nov. isn't that far away at all!
  5. I love the show too--but couldn't stand either one of them, so glad to hear they are not coming back.
  6. Oh I can't wait!! This show is a true guilty pleasure. Well I won't miss Jo and Slade as a couple but I do wanna know what's up with these guys. I also wonder about Kimberly from season 1 who moved away due to all the skin cancer problems...
  7. YEAH! One of my guilty pleasures is coming back!
  8. has pics!
  9. The day after the first season's finale aired, I saw Kimberly and her family at Disneyland. Actually, DH was the one that spotted them haha. But yeah, I thought they filmed the show months in advance so was surprised to see her still in OC... maybe she was just visiting, or hadn't moved yet.
  10. I liked this show, but I'm glad Jo and Slade will be gone. Couldn't stand either of them!
  11. Nov. 6??? Thanks for posting! I am addicted to this crazy show!:yes:
  12. Me too! I'm sure this season won't dissapoint.
  13. OMG I can't wait! Nov. 6 is coming up quite soon... I thought it was not supposed to come on until January.

    I am SO happy Jo and Slade will be gone. What scares me is that an LA Times article mentioned her having a show of her own, "Just Jo," at some point in the future.

    I can't wait to see Lauri's wedding... THAT is going to be interesting. What kids will actually show up??
  14. This is one of my favorite shows to indulge in (I won't admit that to anyone except you guys and DH). I cannot wait for the new season. Like everyone else, I'm glad to see Jo and Slade won't be on it. Does anybody know if Laurie and George actually got married? I haven't read anything anywhere...
  15. I haven't heard anything either, but I was thinking that since the show began she has dated a guy who turned out to be no good, Slade, and now George. Plus she once went to a Playboy party. It seems difficult to imagine her being a very good wife, but maybe I will be surprised.:shrugs: