The real housewives of orange county cell phone cover

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  1. Hi does anyone know where to get Tamara's cell phone cover is on the show? It's white and has rinestones on it. Thanks guys:biggrin:
  2. Any idea's guys?
  3. there's a kiosk in every mall here that sells them.
  4. Hi thanks is it the same one Tamara has?
  5. You didn't a pic so I don't know exactly what she had.
  6. I haven't found been able to find a pic yet. Still looking.:biggrin:
  7. Is it the Fleur D lise design??? I'm seen them at little mall kiosk too.
  8. If you can find a picture (or if you're lucky enough that the person who works at the kiosk watches the show) you can show it to the kiosk and they should be able to make it for you.