the real housewives of OC*SPOILER*

  1. Did anyone watch the finale?

    oh...... I was so excited to see that Slade and Jo broke up. AND he took back her Mercedes!!

    I was cracking up when they said Slade started dating Lauri (is that her name?)

    I was pissed that Slade and Jo got back together! Argh....

    Anyone else watch it?
  2. No, but you just ruined it for me! LOL! You should put the word 'spoiler' in your thread title!

    They broke up then got back together?
    She's SUCH an idiot IMO! She has no substance . . .
  3. I didn't see it tonight, but will look for the recast b/c I just caught up on most of the season late last night -- they re-ran all of them! Slade and Jo are definitely a lame couple. Lauri is the super pretty one -- that was actually one reason that I watched the try to pick up her beauty secrets!

    ^^^yeah, Jo and substance were not well acquainted.
  4. Laurie's beauty secrets are a lot of 'work'. LOL!
    She's really pretty IMO, but her face barely moves anymore and her gorgeous teeth are definitely veneered. She does have to work to maintain her fab figure, but I'm almost positive she wasn't born w/ all her pretty features.
    *disclaimer* I personally believe there's NOTHING worng w/ a little 'work'! I'm going to be getting some as well! LOL!
  5. I saw it. I read that many of the scenarios were staged. Anywho, the residents of the gated community were pissed because they thought they were being unfairly represented. The wives stated that many of their neighbours stopped talking to them. The creator is taking his show to another state. I hear he might do New York next. Hopefully Manhattan!

    p.s. I hated the fact the Jo was trying to play the dumb role. It was so obviously that she was acting.

  6. I am SO SORRY... I REALLY DIDN'T mean to. I was just shocked. Sorry!
    Can you just delete this thread before I upset more people. I really am sorry guys, I wasn't thinking....
  7. Lol, I'm afraid you're right about Laurie -- they showed her getting botox right on the air! I'm conflicted about "work." At this point, I'm assuming that I'll want it when the "need" presents itself. But I certainly do worry about looking fake. Plus I'm not a big fan of pain -- even botox, which is supposed to be super easy, seemed to make Vicki cry and complain! But Vicki is kind of a baby about everything....

    Regardless, if I can look half as good as Laurie, fake or not, at forty, I'll be thrilled:biggrin:
  8. They HAVE to do one in NYC. Hopefully they will expose some completely clueless, filthy rich family on Park Ave... possibly one I have worked for in the past...
  9. Slade is a RETARD! Jo is obviously not ready to be a mother, a wife, etc. Once he takes her Mercedes she come crawling back. Their relationship is just plain not one and I don't know what that dude is thinking!

    Lauri would be the perfect person b/c she is already a mother and I think much prettier than Jo.

  10. yea, Lauri might be older but she is not any more mature or wiser.

    Can you believe what was revealed to her boss at the party? (See, girls, I didn't do it twice, I kept my mouth shut).

    No, Lauri is a terrible mother! Her poor kids, they keep begging for her to make better decisions and she still chooses herself first!!

    There are PLENTY of nice, pretty, and SMART girls out there. Slade is a catch... he shouldn't keep Jo.

    Can you believe Jo's comments tonight? She is the new Jessica Simpson! :smile: Rescue dog? Alaska?
  11. LOL :lol:
  12. Hi! Please post a warning for spoilers!
  13. ^^^^ I think she realized this when she apologized...

  14. I'm amazed Slade is able to make it in the business world because he seems pretty dumb, especially when it comes to relationships. Two kids with two different mothers and he's just in his early thirties? Jo's no brain either, though!

    I agree with the other poster who said Lauri is a horrible mother. Poor Josh.

    Jeana and Vicki seem like really great women... they seem to be really, really dedicated to their families and want the best for their kids.

    Who can blame the neighbors for not wanting to talk to these women anymore?! I think anybody who would expose their private lives like this on television and make the remarks about money the way these women have are slightly tacky...

    Rummy, a NYC show would be really juicy!
  15. OH crap! I haven't seen it yet! :lol: