The real housewives of miami

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  1. A production source has confirmed to E! News that not only is this series actually happening, it's already shot and in the can! But before you lump it right in with its predecessors…

    You should know that while the new show will be branded as a new Housewives series, it wasn't initially supposed to be. According to our production source, Real Housewives of Miami was "originally shot to be a different show, but they have decided to make it a part of the Housewives franchise." Thank heaven for that. Or else we would've been watching a show that was reportedly titled Miami Social Club. Not to be confused with the Bravo flop Miami Social.

    Bravo played coy when asked about the new series. "We announced a show in development called Miami Social Club," a rep told E! News. "Beyond that, we have no further information."

    So when is this sparkling gem of reality television coming to your TV listings? "We just finished shooting. It's all done," says our insider. The show is set to begin airing sometime between November and January.

    And because this was supposed to be a stand-alone series about the Miami social scene and not another Housewives incarnation, we'll be getting less table flipping and extension pulling and a little more class. "It's going to be a tamer, sexier show," the insider tells us.

    Hmm...Sexy we're all for. But tame is not precisely why millions of people tune into the Housewives series. No matter, there's a first time for everything.

    While a list of a cast members bounced around the Internet earlier this year, our source confirms to us that of that list, Scottie Pippin's wife, Larsa, and former L.A. Laker/Miami Heat player Glen Rice's ex-wife, Christy, will both be on the show.

    Other names in the mix? Art scene socialite Adriana Sidi, Venue Magazine editor Alexia Echeverria, public relations expert Marysol Patton, drag queen of South Beach Elaine Lancaster and charity planner Lea Black, wife of famous defense attorney Roy Black.

    Will you watch this new Housewives series? Well, here's a song to set the mood while you mull it over.
  2. All over it lol

    Snooki was just a warm up. Miami now has its own "Housewives" series.
    Eonline is reporting that the "Real Housewives of Miami" has already been shot and is ready to roll out to the masses. But just like anything dealing with South Beach, this version of the popular Bravo series will have an interesting twist.
    One of the featured "housewives" will be Elaine Lancaster, the drag queen extraordinaire of South Beach.

    Joining the diva known in male form as James Davis will be Scottie Pippen's wife Larsa and Christy Rice, ex- wife of former Miami Heat star Glen Rice. Other women getting in on the reality TV fun are Adriana Sidi, Alexia Echeverria, Marysol Patton and Lea Black.

    iami is quickly gathering the reputation as the place where successful reality TV series go to party.
    Oh, we can hardly wait for the mayhem.
    First Published: Sep 28, 2010 4:12 PM EDT
  4. Finally! I'm surprised to take bravo this long to bring the series to Miami...It'll be interesting to see the drag queen on the show :thinking:
  5. Ehhhh...yawnfest! I am getting bored with Bravo and the same ole garbage! Probably wont watch this one either!
  6. ^^^ i agree. it's getting ridiculous how they're trying to cover all cities now.

    i'm not liking the previews for beverly hills either—they look like a bunch of plastic surgery ducks with too much makeup.
  7. I'd check out the first episode. What is the point of the 'drag queen' though?
  8. I agree that Bravo is doing the most now w/ this Housewives series AND
    I'm not liking the RHoBH previews either. I'll pass on those ladies and just stick w/ my OC Cali chicks.

    I don't know why a drag queen... maybe for the Dwight of Atlanta affect??
    I'll peep the first ep too. Then, I'll decide if I'll support.
  9. Can't wait! I love anything RHO____ well until the first few episodes. DC has been a flop for me.
  10. i would still love a chicago one bears wives or bulls wives