The Real Housewives of Melbourne

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  1. Hi, I've just started on the first episode (I'm Canadian so it doesn't air locally) I wanted to start this forum was because I'm not familiar with Australian culture so hopefully other posters will be able to clarify any confusions I, and other viewers, have as they come up.
  2. Hi , I watch & I'm in Australia. I'm happy to answer any questions, if I can. :smile:
  3. I've been watching this show and its interesting. I tend to watch Real Housewives franchises from around the world if I can find them. (The Vancouver one was CRAY!)

    That psychic? Or as she calls herself in her cute Aussie accent, "The Firecracker"? Or Gina, the self-confessed drag queen? I'm not finding any of them very entertaining, but as the show goes on, we'll learn more about them all. I kind of like the lady who gets her hair done every day or so (blonde who recently divorced and lives in hotel). She seems genuine.

    So far, Chyka seems cool but I wonder about her relationship with hubby. They both seem so busy. Same for the lady who owns Liberty Bell and her hubby. I do find the lady who flies to get groceries to be awkward and forced. Clearly the cast members of all these shows practice their 'witty' lines before they do their confessionals, but hers are the most unnatural I have ever seen.

    Anyway, what are Australians saying about their RH franchise ck2802? I'd love to know.
  4. Whatever you do, please don't think that this ridiculous show is in any way a good representation of Australian culture. I used to live in Melbourne for years and it's nothing like the way it's portrayed here. First of all, no one dresses like these women in Melbourne. It's a very uniformed city where most people wear black, grey and neutral.

    Also, Melbourne is absolutely not about flaunting wealth, I wouldn't have any idea about how much wealth the city has because no one flaunts it. You would definitely get frowned upon for being flashy, it's has more of a cool, cultured, down to earth vibe.

    What I'm trying to say is I think everything about this show is fake, rehearsed, and staged just for the show. I think it's tailored to people who are not from there and won't know any better, but I suspect that's probably the case with most of the housewife franchises.
  5. Jackie and Gina really stole episode #2 hopefully we'll get to see more of the women later on since I can only name the two of them,

    I felt it so bad for Jackie in the Gina-Jackie feud. I feel like Gina set Jackie up to fail if she wasn't actually looking for advice and only wanted to prove her wrong. Also why was everyone so shocked when Jackie implied that someone's partner was having an affair when they were asking Jackie if she had a pre-nup almost as soon as she sat down.

    Are they going to have a party in every episode? That seems a bit much.

    Can we have a tally of how many times we've seen Botox being done during Real Housewives. Other common Real Housewives roles I've seen in this series is the plastic surgeon's wife, the Legal Eagle, and the one that's starting a liquor line.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but going just from their accents all these women are Australia, right? That's nice to see since I know when Vancouver was airing the majority of the Housewives weren't even from Canada. Obviously Australia is a lot larger than Canada so maybe it was easier to find locals willing to be on the show,

    I'm kind of glad when Chyka's husband didn't know who SIlverchair was either. I'm actually kind of tired of hearing Jackie talking about how her husband is part of "Australian Rock Royalty". We don't hear Andrea listing all the buildings her husband has designed every episode.

    When they rolled out the dessert trolley at Chyka's dinner part :choochoo:
  6. Oh Aluxe, I hear Jackies 'accent' and cringe. I respect that she's not putting on airs & graces but she's basically just a cashed up bogan... Which I guess would be a nicer cashed up red neck?

    The only good thing about the show so far is that it is always nice to watch a show set in your town as you recognize all the locations.

    Did anyone else get a creepy stepmum vibe when Lydia went shopping with her stepson? Ew.
  7. Let's start a drinking game next time it's on:-

    Jackie says "my husbands an international rock star" - take a shot.

    Gina says "I'm a barrister" - take a shot.

    Lydia mentions her sex life - take a shot.

  8. Australia is not larger than Canada by population or land mass. Canada is the 2nd largest country and has 50% more population than Australia
    I believe 2 ladies on RHoV were born in the US but had married Canadians and lived in Canada 20+ years

    This show sounds interesting, I'm going to try and find it online to watch
  9. I've watched episode 1 - so far I like it.

    Thanks for posting otherwise I wouldn't even know it was on!
  10. I live in Melbourne so of course I'm watching this!

    They're all hideous, vile people. Absolutely unlikeable. I truly loathe Lydia and Andrea. I agree with the post above that said they clearly rehearse some 'snappy' one-liners that they must think sound incredibly funny. Vomit in my mouth :lol: They're so smug, awkward, unfunny and nouveau riche. Urgh. I would put good money on those women never having a genuine female friendship off camera.

    Also - just sayin - this has to be the poorest housewives franchise, right??? Apart from Lydia making a big song and dance out of her little jet that is....
  11. Omg Lydia, Andrea and that delusional psychic sitting around dinner *****ing about Gina! Its those cases where they are obsessed with hating on her
    Janet is so cute, she seems so sweet and more humble than the other braggers.

    When Lydia and Jackie speak I cringe, how can they say such egotistical things? I thought rich people don't flaunt..
  12. two words:


  13. Translation please :lol::P
  14. Cashed Up Bogan or CUB according to Wiktionary is a "person who is, or perceived to be, unsophisticated or of lower class background but achieving a high salary spends money on trashy or flashy items to fulfil their aspirations of higher social status. The stereotype includes having speech & mannerisms that are considered to denote poor education and uncultured upbringing, which is reflected in their bad taste possessions & lifestyles."

    Jackie is a perfect example of a CUB.
  15. I think a bogan might be considered somewhat a redneck? :amuse: I don't really know how to explain 'bogan'... but I love that wiki description of CUB!