The READE club!!!!

  1. I didn't see a Reade club, so here we go!!

    Come on everyone, show us your reade pm, mm, or gm! Let us see all those pretty colors!!

    Here's mine.

    Bronze Vernis Reade PM

    Indigo Vernis Reade PM
    DSCN0521.jpg DSCN0605.jpg
  2. I am dying over those colors ... mmm. :drool:

    Here's fuschia! :love:
    fr6.jpg fr1.jpg
  3. Here's mine: Framboise Reade :heart:
    LVframboisereade1big.jpg LVframboisereade2small.jpg LVframboisereade3small.jpg
  4. Love the fushia and framboise!!
  5. Here's mine :heart:

    Fuschia Reade PM
  6. I´m in with my beige Vernis Reade PM :heart:
    Kuva 481.jpg
  7. here's mine..

  8. Beige is very pretty too!

    Red is HOT, bags!!
  9. ^^ Wow! Great article. I had no idea it was that complicated!! Well, I guess it's really worth the $$$ then!!
  10. No problem, got it from someone who posted it the other day. I thought I should share it with Reade owner. I can't believe this tiny bag can consume so much time and involve so many people :nuts: I want to know the stats for other bags..
  11. I need a red Reade PM next :heart: :heart:
  12. I'm a member too. I have the Reade in a lavender/blue colour from 2003.
  13. Ooo pretty pretty, I'm in too! =] Mine is Perle