The ratio of fake to real coach bags stands at 3:1. Bleh.

  1. The Good Part of Today's Visit to the Mall:

    I went to the mall today to get this tote I have been drooling over for a couple of weeks, and anyways, I got it and I was waiting for some of my boyfriend's friends to meet us up there, and while I was waiting I was looking at every woman's bag. :p Its a habit of mine, it kinda helps me know that woman even if I never talk to her, sorta like a secret communication thing. ;) But anyways, since Im a Coach Expert [or so my boyfriend says] I always can tell when a woman is carrying a fake. So whenever I saw one I'd whisper "Ew. Fake." and when ever I saw a real one Id say "Ha. REALL!" He thinks Im the weirdest girl ever because I can tell and he cant. So, while we were waiting I "showed him some of my skills." :roflmfao: I showed him the number one way to spot a fake on Signature bags. [which is pretty much being the mirror image print thing.] He was so amazed that it was that easy to tell! So by the end of the day he was looking at Coach bags and telling me if they were fake or not! :yahoo:I feel accomplished. Haha!!!!

    The Bad Part:
    For about every real Coach signature bag I saw today at the mall, I saw about 3 more fake ones. Pretty sad if I say so myself. :sad:
  2. I like looking at other people's bags too. Unless they are obviously and disgustingly fake, I don't really react. And even if they are fake, I don't say anything because that's just rude/snobby regardless if it's real or not. Sometimes the person who wears the bag doesn't know or they just like the bag for what it is.
  3. I hope you dont think I said out loud! :wtf: [or at least at a sound level which the lady with a Coach could hear] No way! I think thats rude too. I mean sometimes I keep it as a mental note to myself or I whisper it to my boyfriend. I use to die when he couldnt tell a fake, so everytime I mentioned it to him Id hope it would give him a mental note on how a fake looks. But to him, all of em look the same. >_<
  4. I always comment to my boyfriend about fakes (or real bags), not about the person but how ugly (or fabulous!!) the bag is. If people knew how that bag got there and where their money is going, I think they would think of it more than just a cheap bag. :shrugs:
  5. Whenever I go out with my boyfriend, he's checking out bags too and asks me whether they're real or not hehe.
  6. I have to say long before my Dh became my DH this is something we would do when we were out. It seems to be a fun way to pass the time, (unless the fakes out number the real). DH and I have been doing this for so long now, I don't even have to say "fake" or "real", it is just a look. And I have tgo add, like those posted above, it is a private conversation. Not at all something that I would say were anyone could hear. I would never want to hurt anyone's feelings.
  7. Exactly.
  8. haha. I taught my boyfriend how to spot a fake too! Just like he taught me how to spot fake Jordans! lol
  9. Can you tell me what the mirror image thing is? I carry the leather, not the signature, but I'm still curious:smile:
  10. I hope this isn't crass to say this, but if my DH and I were out and about at the mall and I was saying real and fake to him, he'd be thinking boobs not purses! :blush:
    Then I 'd be hitting him over the :noggin:
  11. LMAO!!! :roflmfao:
  12. DITTO!!! LOL
  13. Ick I know..

    I go to the supermarket or to the mall and I see all these HIDEOUS fakes!!! Some of them even have G's or O's instead of C's...I'm like... :wtf:

    I see so many fake LVs and Chanel's too. -sigh- When will people learn??

    PS- !'m 15 and a sophomore in high school, I noticed you're a freshman. I'm a major Abercrombie/Hollister freak too LOL.
  14. I think what bothers me the most about Coach fakes (which seems to be the most prominent fake in the Boston area these days and much more prevalent in the NYC area than it was a couple of years ago) is that usually the fake is a canvas logo bag. Coach canvas logo bags are not THAT expensive to begin with. Moreover, if you factor in how much more well-made and durable a real Coach is versus a fake, you get much more use for your dollar with a real bag that lasts years than a you do from a fake that lasts months if you are lucky.

    Okay, that actually bothers me second-most. What actually bothers me most is not being able to walk down the sidewalk in NYC because its so jammed with tourists looking at fake crap Poach bags. So annoying.
  15. ^^ OMG Jillian I had heard of Goach but not Poach! Hilarious (and sad, too).