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    Random Acts Of Kindness = RAOK

    Well it's that time again and seeing how we haven't heard from Japster (the lovely lady whom has been doing this for us) we have a few lovely ladies who will be putting this together this year;)
    Big thank you shout out loud to; Mree43, LaLa28 and Julide
    And super big Thank you to the Hermes Mod's for giving their consent, please note this is not an official PF program.

    Mree43> has revamped the 2010 Rules, set up the Elfster system and is working on the questionaire....and helping in general

    LaLa28 >will be inserting the Rules and Questionaire (done by Mree43) on to this thread and helping in general

    Julide > will be accepting the qualified Hermes TPF joiners via PM first and then via email and entering the data into the Elfster System and helping in general.

    Mree43,Lala28,Julide and I will be helping to make sure RAOK 2010 is a fab success and encouraging everyone by posting on this thread soon to be made a sticky but the ever wonderful TPF Hermes Mod CobaultBlu:smile:

    Rules and info to be posted today:yahoo: Let's get this party started!:yahoo:
  2. Your thread is now a sticky! Hope everyone RAOKing has a blast!!
  3. WOOHOO! So Excited!!!!! This is going to be so much fun. I LOVE RAOK!
  4. Thanks Doc and all the volunteers for doing this !! I've been looking forward to this event!!
  5. Hi ladies!!:flowers:Sorry that my pm box was full.:shame:Many apologies:shame:I have emptied it and am ready for you!!:pI can't wait to start ROAK:rochard:
  6. Hello all!

    Let's get the tough stuff out of the way first. The Rules:

    Hermes Winter RAOK 2010(stands for “Random Acts of Kindness”)

    Accepting People from: Now – 11/08/2010

    Notification of who your buddy is (Elfster will AUTOMATICALLY DO THE DRAW this day): 11/10/10

    Official Start of Fall/Winter RAOK: 11/1/2010

    *Presents should be mailed 1x per month and must arrive DURING that month(Nov. AND Dec.). The program goes until Dec 31st. Each package should be mailed (with tracking number by the 24th of that particular month). You will be doing one (1) RAOK care package for Nov. and one (1) package for Dec. The spending limit is $100 including shipping, but you are allowed to break this limit for the month of December.

    Please make sure you update your wish lists on ELFSTER.

    The RULES:
    In order to participate, you must meet this criteria:

    *minimum of 800 posts with activity in the Hermes forum.

    *You must also have been a member of tPF for at least 5 months.

    *You must have a good record of participation in previous RAOKS- if you had to be replaced/ did not send out your packages/ or caused problems…. You are not allowed to participate in the RAOK program.

    **NOTE: If you do not meet these requirements but come close, we may make an exception… it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    Please make sure you send your gifts out on time with tracking, post pictures of your gifts/items in the reveal thread within 2-3 days of receiving it. If you cannot post pictures right away, please acknowledge that on the thread.

    Stay tuned! More fun to come!
  7. Yay! Thanks so much for picking up this ball and running with it, ladies! :flowers:

  8. Please PM Julide with the following info
    TPF name
    TPF posts number and time on TPF
    Your actual name and address (or if uncomfortable with this you can do so through personal email)
    your email address
    Willingness to have a RAOK buddy outside of the USA or Desire to have an outside of USA RAOK Buddy
    Willingness to be a rescue RAOK buddy for someone who needs one because their buddy doesn't come through (which we hope does not happen,but life happens so we'd like this in place as well;))
  9. Thank you mistikat!:smile:
  10. Yay!!!! Thanks, Docride, Mree, Lala28, and Julide!! And thanks to Japster for starting this tradition, which for me is the best part of this subforum!
  11. Okay, everyone! Here are questions for you to think about (and then PM your responses to Julide):

    Hermes RAOK 2010 Questionnaire

    Are you willing to take on an International Buddy?

    What are your favorite shopping websites?
    What are your favorite stores?
    Do you have any food allergies?
    Name 3 favorite Snacks/Candy/chocolates?
    What is your favorite restaurant?
    What is your favorite chain/ fast food place?
    What is your favorite Perfume?
    What is your favorite Candle?
    What is your favorite Color?
    Do you have Children or Dogs/Cats? If so, can a gift be included for them too?
    Is it ok for your buddy to send chocolates/candy and/or flowers?
    Do you collect any item in particular? (e.g., spoons, stamps)
    Is there anything in particular that you dislike?
    What is the month and day of your birthday?
    Any additional information you would like your buddy to know….??? :confused1:

    It’s the thought that counts, right? We don’t want someone getting peanut butter cookies and it turns out that they are highly allergic to them.

    :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Get ready, set, go!

  12. Sending in my PM!
  13. This is an amazing group of minds from all over the world! WOW!!!!
    I'm a newbie but looking forward to next year.....
    Keep up the good works , (and the shopping, of course!!!)
    Good luck with this RAOK:woohoo:
  14. Thanks for doing this, ladies! :smile:
  15. Love this picture!!
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