The Random Picture Thread

  1. What a cute pic.
  2. I went to college in Rhode Island and every Christmas season, the activities center would offer holiday trips into New York City: shopping trips, musicals . . .

    Post 9/11, we went into the city to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.

    While there, I snapped this picture of the Lower Plaza.
    Rockefeller Plaza Fall 2001.jpg
  3. These were from when I was in St. Maarten with my parents.

    I wanted to go parasailing, but because of my back surgery, my mom wanted me to check with my orthopedist first . . . considering there's a parachute involved. He said to proceed with caution, which I took to secretly mean 'no' so I got to swim with dolphins instead.

    (I believe this was back in 2004.)
    C_&_Dolphins.jpg C_&_Dolphins_002.jpg C_&_Dolphins_003.jpg C_&_Dolphins_004.jpg C_&_Dolphins_005.jpg
  4. We took a ferry from St. Maarten to Anguilla for the actual dolphin swimming. On our way there, the leader asked us what the Spanish word "Anguilla" meant. I correctly answered that it means "Eel".

    As a "prize" My group got to go first.

    Half of the pictures I took myself and the other half were taken by someone in the second group.
    C_&_Dolphins_006.jpg C_&_Dolphins_007.jpg C_&_Dolphins_008.jpg C_&_Dolphins_009.jpg C_&_Dolphins_010.jpg
  5. From my little garden patch:


  6. Here's my contribution. Sorry it's not as artistic as Vlad's beautiful photos! I took this over the summer while my family and I were driving from the Southeast (USA) to Toronto, ON (Canada). This was taken while we were still in the US, on one of our many gas stops. As DH was pumping gas, I noticed this sign at the liquor store right next to the gas station. :lol:
  7. A pic from yesterday :smile:
  8. The Extraterrestrial highway in Nevada. I took this back in '05, I think. I laid down in the middle of the road to take the pic...luckily it's usually pretty deserted.[​IMG]
  9. ^ GF, that is my fave pic in the thread so far.
  10. Love the colors in this one!

    Amazing pic!
  11. Thank you! :smile:
  12. [​IMG]

    Old Town Square in Prague.
  13. This isn't a very good pic as it was taken from the back patio some 20 odd metres away, but here's a blue kookaburra (sacred kingfisher) that visited my backyard. I tried to get closer for a better pic but it flew away, so unfortunately, this is all I got. It was probably a juvenile kookaburra because he seemed small. It's such a beautiful bird.

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    The best burgers ever. AJs in New Rochelle, NY. Wow! That's my son loading up the ketchup!
  15. ^ what was on the burger?