The Random Picture Thread

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  4. Testing, testing, 123..


    Above is a very cute hanging tile we got to put up in our home. :biggrin::biggrin:

    Update: It works, but it sucks that it's so small until you click on it. Oh well. Better than nothing!! ;);)
  5. Some more black&white old film :smile:
  6. Love it!!
  7. ^Yes it's really nice :girlsigh:


    A pic from this morning :smile:
  8. I've posted these before, but I just thought they were really cool and wanted to post them again.

    They were taken by me a couple years ago when I was in London with my dad.

    (Sorry two of them are flipped sideways.)

    The first two were taken in Oxford. It's of the Martyrs' Memorial. The Martyrs' Memorial is a stone monument commemorating the 16th century Oxford Martyrs: Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley.

    (In the second picture, the lady with the umbrella is a random lady. The man standing in front of it is my dad. The statue facing my dad is of Thomas Cranmer.)

    The third one is Traitor's Gate at the Tower of London.
    Oxford and London 002.JPG Oxford and London 003.JPG Oxford and London 016.JPG
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  9. ^Really nice pics from Oxford/London :smile:


    Just one more pic from Sunday,
  10. I love this.
  11. A pic from yesterday :heart:
  12. from my Amsterdam trip, June 2011

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