The Random Picture Thread

  1. Happy 4th of July
    image-3093512960.jpg image-816221241.jpg image-3216341824.jpg image-4136092033.jpg image-1384824515.jpg
  2. image-1069651394.jpg

    A new little American... Happy Birthday America and Baby Prue!!
  3. There's nothing like going to the Circus.......
    image-1831822121.jpg image-2582198463.jpg
  4. At my favorite restaurant....
  5. ^ What did you have? And why wasn't I invited? ;)
  6. Lol!! Hi Necro! I missed u precious!! I had Tournedos Béarnaise
    Tenderloin Medallions, with Béarnaise Sauce
    With mashed potatoes and asparagus, along w a cesar salad, house bread, some of my hubby's cold water lobster tail (the bomb) and finished it off w some creme burlee Oh! And I had a glass of White Zen and water. (yup, I went to TOWN! Lol)
  7. ^ Hey, that sounds good, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :biggrin:
  8. My SO and I encountered this what I believe to be a wolf spider on a late night walk this past weekend. It had little babies on it's back! Creepy!! SO picked at it with a twig and the babies moved..then the mama spider pulled out its fangs to him and ran off!! :faint:
  9. Omg!! Great pic AND story!!!
  10. Omg that spider is massive, I believe I'd have died!!!
  11. My friend & I volunteered at the Humane Society so these are the two dogs we walked! Bristol & Smokey. :smile:
    image-2178477342.jpg image-94757450.jpg
  12. These geese keep trying to bite my dog!
  13. Gross!!! I hate those things!
  14. Just for fun:


  15. That's so awesome!