The Random Picture Thread

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  1. Apples.
  2. Backyard today.
  3. It’s picturesque
  4. Thought of @Johnpauliegal when I walked past Crate &Barrel this morning. They are doing a tribute to the Beatles. You can purchase wall hangings of iconic photos. Looking at the pictures brought back fond memories.
    20190112_112914.jpg 20190112_112932.jpg
  5. Omg. I love it!! :heart::heart:
    Thank you for posting this! :nuts:

    Where is that at, in Manhattan? :smile:
  6. Hi!
    You're welcome! :hugs:
    It's on O'farrell and Stockton Streets in San Francisco.
  7. Newly painted on this building as part of the Seawalls promotion. 20190112_101152.jpg
  8. 26C104A3-2941-4377-BCB0-A0B1F421D5E1.jpeg
    Love this Rembrandt picture.
  9. The old and the new!:smile:
  10. Tugs getting this big fella into position to load up with logs. 20190114_105542.jpg
  11. Dragon in a glitter globe. 20190116_134902.jpg
  12. My 15 yr old cat passed away last Wednesday due to limphoma...we chose to let her go by putting her to sleep at home sorrounded by those who loved her and whom she loved
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  14. A beautiful juxtaposition! New cannot be called new unless there is the old!
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