The Random Picture Thread

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  2. Me too!:heart::heart::heart:
  3. [​IMG]

    The neighborhood Christmas Tree of Alys Beach in Northwest FL.
  4. Crisp cold beautiful late afternoon backyard pic.
  5. Took this picture tonight in my backyard.

  6. I knew that!:lol:
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  7. This looks like a painting!!!:heart:
  8. Thank you. :smile:. I happened to look out the sliding doors in the family room and I was amazed. I’ve never seen such a beautiful unusual color of the sky that I just had to take a picture. :smile:

    Now when I was on vacation in April going to Bermuda I took a picture with my phone of the sunset. Talking about painting!! I was amazed that I had a print made up. :smile: I actually have a few different images.
  9. Beautiful! Btw, the waves look like skin magnified under a microscope!!!! Kind of like earth's skin?
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    Thank you my dear.
    Microscope :lol: too funny! Lol.
    Sorry. Couldn’t resist.
    Private joke :biggrin:
    No disrespect.

    Wow. Never realized that. I like your train of thought. :smile:
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  11. No disrespect taken! But now I wonder what that private joke is all about??????
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  12. It’s really nothing. It has to do with microscopes. I find that when anyone finds the tiniest flaw on a bag they must be putting them under a microscope. That’s why I had to laugh when you mentioned microscopes. :biggrin:
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  13. Omg! I know exactly what you mean!!!
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  14. Little bit of gardening in the weekend...just a few herbs and lettuce at the backdoor. 20190108_203832.jpg
  15. Apples