The Random Picture Thread

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  1. B8805295-BD51-441E-A8A9-EC21F30A3E35.jpeg
  2. 84D334C7-37B8-4A8A-944F-14A326D69B29.jpeg Waiting for Santa
  3. Monday, December 17th. Waiting for a bus on Stevenson, off Market Street.
  4. [​IMG]

    The old shark tower in Redhead Beach, Newcastle (Australia).
    My partner grew up across this beach and his dad used to surf here
  5. A little Christmas morning pistachio muffin and chocolate mint with coffee
  6. This pillow that belongs to my niece. We were watching an emotional movie and called it our emotional support pillow. It’s supposed to be a unicorn
  7. Riding from Oakland to SF this morning around 6:30am. View from the Bay Bridge. Embarcadero Center with their Holiday lights.
  8. Cool angle RN!
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  9. Cabbages
    20181229_181418.jpg 20181229_181521.jpg
  10. Just kidding. They are brussel sprouts. :biggrin:
  11. Thanks SM!:smile:
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. You actually had me fooled for 3 seconds—then I read this post, lol.
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  14. View from one of my bus stops this morning.