The Ramona

  1. I finally saw the Ramona IRL, very nice:yes: . What is the most appealing thing about this bag. Before I take the plunge give me the pros and cons.
  2. For me, the pros is that it is simply is a gorgeous workable stylish bag, the leather is fabulously smooth and the hardware, workmanship is fantastic. The biggest con is the PRICE :yucky:, yes the quality is definitely there but, I'm sure a percentage is for the designer's name. Other than that, there really isn't any other UNUSUAL issues with this bag compared to any other leather bag that I can think of.:shrugs: I love this bag, it's one of my top 5 favorites in my collection.
    (32) Jimmy Choo - Ramona - 1850.JPG
  3. Thanks pursemama I am just about there with purchasing this bag.:yes:
  4. The Con: The price. The first time I saw it in Saks, all I could say was '1850. For a Jimmy Choo?!?!!!'.
  5. I agree with Pursemama and then some, in that the bag is both "gorgeous" and "workable." The size is roomy, without looking ridiculously big. (Fyi, it looks better in use, without the stuffing, because it lies relatively flat against the body). The strap drop is quite generous, and it looks equally good, and is equally comfortable, worn over the shoulder or hand-carried. Even though Ramona is essentially a tote, the gathering and rings make it so much more interesting. At the same time, while it may be something of an "it" bag, I don't think its so "gimmicky" that it will look outdated in a year or so. I've only had mine two months, but it seems very well made and durable so far.

    As for the price, even though its high, I guess I'm not as appalled as some other PFers. After all, there are plenty of Chanel, Prada, Fendi bags that cost as much (or more) these days, not that those levels are sane....

    I'm not sure which Ramona you are considering, but I have the patent Bordeaux version. (Fyi, the patent Ramona is $1,650 vs. the regular leather for $1,850.) I never thought I liked patent before I saw this bag, but it is very lush, not plastic-y at all, and it has that great leather smell too. Most of my other bags are relatively conservative styles and colors, so I think its ok that this one is a little "glam" and "blingy." But mind you, I'm a 40-year-old working professional, and this bag is not silly by any means. The color is deeper and richer than it appears in this photo, not bright and neon-y at all.

    Good luck with your decision.
  6. The reason I say the price is a con is because it's Jimmy Choo. It's not Chanel or Prada or any other bag that has a price point that high. Most people who get into the purse game don't start their bags off so high. That's why I said it was a con.
    If I had to choose between a Ramona and a Chanel, I'm going for the Chanel or Prada. That's me. That's my opinion. I love the Ramona, but I have my boundaries and I'm not going to have the Ramona bag be the most expensive bag in my collection.
  7. Well, I think that when Jimmy Choo first launched their bag line in 2003, the prices were a bit lower. But their "Tulita" bag was so hugely popular, and that fueled all these other bags and their higher prices. And of course, handbag prices have gone up across the board since 2003, particularly because of currency values...To each her own, of course. ;)
  8. I am lusting for this bag but the price is a killer - I am in complete agreement with you. There is so much other good stuff for the money.
  9. Apparently, for whatever reason, some here think that Jimmy Choo is somehow inferior (either in quality or status/prestige?) to other more-established lines, but I just don't get that. I have several bags in my collection that cost over $2,000 (two Chanels and a Fendi), and while I love them to death, I don't think that they have particularly better craftsmanship than the Jimmy Choo I just bought for $1,650 or the other Prada, etc., bags that I own in that pricerange. While the Choo name may seem new to some, they seemed to establish themselves in the handbag game with the Tulita back in 2003-2004, in my mind, anyway...

    It's all perception I guess; different brands speak different things to different people. :shrugs:
  10. Gorgeous bag...I have carried several con to the lighter colors (e.g. stone and lime)...the bags do pick up fabric/dye problems with the darker colors (e.g. black, navy, chocolate).
  11. The only con I have, is that, to me, the bag is heavy.

  12. 1850 for any bag is expensive. That is not an average cost for a handbag. That is above the average price point. Don't be upset that I don't want to pay that amount for any bag. I said if I were to buy a bag at that price, I would be looking at Chanel or Prada or some other bag type. I'm sure that Jimmy Choo's bags are of great quality, but 2003 was only 3 years ago. Just because you have a popular bag one year does not make you established. It does not give you a track record to prove that your bag is worth 1850. It's not like that was eons ago. I like the Ramona and have been offered to buy it by my SA, but I'm not paying 1850 for a Jimmy Choo bag. I refuse to pay that much for a Chloe. Just as I refuse to pay 800 dollars for a Coach bag.

    That's my boundary. Don't jump on my opinion about a price of the bag.
  13. Saw the street vendors with it for $30 outside of Bloomingdales.
  14. :P Which REALLY brings up the issue of quality and longevity!

    I understand elongreach's point. A bag company that has a track record of a few years does not an established brand make. I, too, have looked at the Ramona and thought "pretty", but I have hard time paying that much for ANY bag!
  15. My SA at NM called me on Monday (I was out of town on a business trip) and they had one come through their NorthPark store (they dont sell Jimmy Choo handbags there) and I had mentioned to her I loved the purse, so she called me and put it on hold with my credit card. I went in today, excited to get it, but when I saw it, held it and put my stuff in it, I just couldnt justify the $1850 price tag ($2003 with tax). IMO, for that price point, I would rather invest in another Chanel, Gucci or Prada...but that is just my opinion.