The Rainbow Bridge.

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    Just noticed this thread.....

    *big hugs to you all*

    My sister's miniature daschund got hit my a car this Tuesday..and it just broke my heart. She was such a sweet dog. Her name was Molly. :sad:
  2. I'd like to say to everyone who lost their babies, you're all in my thoughts and prayers.

    I'd also like to share this beautiful little piece I found:
    Rainbow Bridge.jpg
  3. Aw the Rainbow Bridge Poem. Beautiful. I was about to open it and read it but I am already crying. In time.

    Thank you for posting.
  4. This is a picture I took of my Mathilda, the night before she died. I had taken her to the vet because her medical condition (hypertrohic cardomyopathy) had worsened, and while I was waiting to pick her up (they wanted to keep her all day) I bought a new phone because my old one had finally failed. So after we got home that evening I took a picture of her with my new phone --I'd never had a picture phone before. She had a terrible night with her breathing and even though the vet had wanted me to wait a couple of days to see how she did on her new meds, I knew she was ready to say good-bye, so the next morning I took her back to the vet one last time. I miss her so much!
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    The rainbow bridge poem always gets me bawling, it is such a beautiful poem with a beautiful message. It is truly comforting to think that we will see our babies again someday!

    update: we picked up Freddy's cremated remains yesterday and they placed him in a beautiful brass urn for my daughter, he was beautiful in life and now he is a wonderful work of art in death, just the way I think Freddy would want it. we have him placed in the living room so he can watch over us.

    there was another loss in the family as well, I will post that seperatly.
  6. This is for Boots My sisters cat he passed away Tuesday night at home with his family, it was a sudden death and my sister is not sure what happened. he was only about 6-7 yrs old. he will be sorely missed he was a great cat, he got along with any and all animal friends he met and he would even play gently with my sisters parrots, he was a friend to all he met.

    I do not have a pic of Boots I will ask my sister for one and post here
  7. In memory of my beloved brother, Bear :heart:

    We lost him a number of years ago (about 7) but my heart still hurts when I think of him. I miss him so much :cry: I grew up an only child, so my Bear was a brother to me :crybaby:


    We made this a few days after our Bear died and it hangs in our kitchen. It's a bit difficult to see because of the flash, but on the lower right corner is his paw print :love:
  8. My beloved 15 year old cat had cancer on her neck, had the op and treatment to remove it two weeks ago, but has since stopped eating and drinking. She has been missing for 3 days.
  9. Oh Im so sorry thats so scary, I hope you find her and she will be ok if she comes home give her nutri cal. Ill pray for her return.
  10. Chance.


    I miss my sweet girl.:cry:
  11. It's been almost a week now, we don't believe she will return.
  12. Thank you for this thread. My baby went to the rainbow bridge 10 days ago. He suffered an acute episode of collapsing trachea. He's only been with me for 3 and half years but every day was so much fun with him by my side. I cried every time I thought of him. I love him so much.
  13. I lost my guy in August... He was 8 years young and died of unnatural causes... Unexpected and extremely painful...
    He set the standard. He was my family. I hurt without him.
    His legacy lives on in his kin, but I have lost my firstborn...

    I love you DooDoo...
  14. Sorry for your loss. I feel the same for Toby. He is like my firstborn except that I will never have my own.

    Rest in peace DooDoo and Toby. We love u.

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    Bella has been on the other side of the rainbow for 15 months now. She suddenly started having seizures and the doctors could not figure out why. After 3 days of seizures, her little body gave up. She was my little girl. My husband got her for me about a month or so before he proposed. She was like my child, my angel. She was only on this earth for a year and a half but she had enough attitude, spunk, and love in her heart to last me a lifetime. I've never had a dog before that knew when to give me kisses to cheer me up or grumble under her breath to make me laugh. She was tender hearted and gentle but feisty and spunky. Everyone she met was a friend and she showed off whenever possible. She loved her clothes, carrier bag and flashy little collar. I still cry often and wish that our 19 month old son would have got to truely know his big sister. Daddy and Mommy miss you Bella Belle! Thanks for being such a good girl.:heart: