The Rainbow Bridge.

Oct 28, 2011
United States
One of our 2 cats, Beefus Maximus, a.k.a Beefy View attachment 5135704 View attachment 5135705 View attachment 5135706 View attachment 5135707 View attachment 5135708 View attachment 5135709 View attachment 5135710 View attachment 5135711 View attachment 5135712 View attachment 5135713 (he belonged to my SO when I first met him) died due to kidney failure and I didn't expect me to be so heart-broken. My eyes are swollen from crying the whole day since he died this morning. I've never had a pet before until I met this gentle soul. He's a big cat but was always friendly to everyone. He loved to hangout with us on the couch especially when our friends came to visit. All our friends and neighbors loved him too. He always cleaned Mimi (our ginger) when he cleaned him self. He never scratched, never bit and never threw tantrum. I miss him so badly. He used to greet me when I came home and it's a strange feeling not to see him anymore when I open the door. Bye my Munchkin. Until we see each other again.
such a sweet and beautiful cat. You will see him again one day. In the meantime, cherish your memories and remember how fortunate people like us are to have our lives been touched by the unconditional love of a sweet animal whose life we were able to share with them.