The Rainbow Bridge.

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  1. A comforting place to post memories, thoughts, and love to pets we have lost and would like to remember. We are all here to support each other and this is the place to do it. :heart:
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  2. Thank you, Sunshine!!

    Here's my sweet Sammie.... Not the best pic ever...she was meow-ing in the bushes because she was done catching mice haha

    Born spring 1986 - died fall 2002. Love you forever, Sammie-baby!

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  3. Sweet "Tom Tom"

    It has been over 8 months since your passing and I still cry for you often. I miss your friendly greetings when I would come home. I miss your purring and "trilling". You helped me get through some tough times. I will be forever grateful. You will always have a special place in my heart baby girl!! :heart: I love you, Mom

    Tommy 2001 - 2008

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  4. In loving memory of my Zaney bug. 1992-2008. Mommy loves and misses you!

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  5. I found another pic of Tommy. Love this pic. R.I.P. my friend.

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    My sweet and beautiful Sun Conure, Punk, died Sept.15, 2008. He was 7 years old.
    I held him the night before for a couple hours crying, and I knew he knew that it was almost time. He made a kissing noise right before I placed him in his bird buddy for the night. I was so afraid to come down the stairs the next day...and when I did, I discovered my sweet bird had passed. I miss him so much. It's incredible how such a little bird could brighten up a house. I miss his squacking "hello" as I come in the door and his screeching calls when I'm upstairs on the computer. I miss his laughs and his coughs, his kisses and his "goodnights".
    RIP my wonderful and colorful orange sherbert bird. Mommy loves you.
    Punk 2001-2008
    Punk, AKA BF2 Bird on Youtube:
  7. My Hen has been gone a full 3 weeks and I still miss him dearly. He was 2 months shy of 18 years old in his passing.

    See you on the other side, gorgeous!

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  8. There is nothing more painful then losing a pet.

    I can't read all these posts without hysterically crying.

    We are blessed to have these animals in our lives, they are angels in fur coats.
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  10. My Sassy (September 15, 2008)


  11. My darling Snoopy :heart: July 1993 - November 2007

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    This is Freddy our 14 yr old Ferret, he had adrenal disease and insolonoma (sp?) He is very special to us. He died this afternoon 10/19/2008.
    Rest in Peace our precious baby boy.


    We love you freddy, we will never forget you,
  13. My Lissy leave me beginning of September 2008...:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I will never forget you my sweety...:heart:

  14. I had to say goodbye to my buddy, Clyde, today, October 21, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. Rest in pease my friend. You are already so very missed.

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    I got an e-mail from my sister, entitled Marge Burrows.

    On her behalf, I'd like to post it here, if I may:

    After 20 years, my beloved friend and loyal companion has passed away.

    I am one lucky human to have been able to spend so many years of my life with him.

    He will be forever missed.

    I love you, Marge.


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