The Rain in Spain (made in Spain) club!

  1. I'm in the club! My new cosmetc pouch is made in Spain:biggrin:


  2. I have lots of Spanish-made goodies. All my clés (Epi, Monogram Groom, Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, Multicolore and Vernis), plus my Ebene agenda, my Epi business card holder and my Brooklyn PM were made in Spain. :smile: Although I would choose Made in France given the option (just because LV is French, nothing more than that!) I love them just as much as my Made in France goodies.

  3. My odeon mm is Spanish
  4. My Odeon GM:



  5. Beautiful-I am getting one, can you please post modeling pics?
  6. my vernis cles is made in spain :biggrin:
  7. my monogram koala wallet is made in spain too:smile::roflmfao:
  8. my sarah, pochette and cles are all made in spain.:smile:
  9. my montorgueil pm. purchased in berlin. made in spain.
  10. also my new neverfull mm! my first bag MISpain...
  11. My abesses and beaubourg mono are made in spain
  12. My Pomme d'Amour cles is a pretty Española :love:

  13. Hi! :smile:

    My Artsy MM is made in Spain.
  14. Yay, my Azure Hampstead is my first piece Made in Spain ! :smile:
  15. My fabulous Insolite Wallet mono with hot red made in Spain (oh, España, España:love:)