The Rachel Zoe Project

  1. I loved when Brad put on the sunnies and did an impression of Taylor. It was dead on LOL - I had a moment.
  2. I love this show! The jewelry in last night's show was :faint:. Eva Mendez looked absolutely stunning in that gown with the turquoise jewelry! So did Demi. Taylor is a little hard for me to watch sometimes with her constant complaining but she is also REALLY funny. That, and I like her haircut. Cute.
  3. I don't like that new styling assistant...jordan I think? u can just tell she's gunning for taylor's position and would stab her in the back..
  4. love this show! I remember watching the GGs and thinking how amazing Eva Mendes looked that night. Perfection. And I thought the Chanel dress was perfect for Cameron both pre- and post- alteration. Such a great color!

    cjy - I would love to go shopping with Rachel, too! Even better, I would love for her to go through my closet and do some editing!
  5. i love this show. even more, i love making my husband watch this show. man, i remember eva at the globes in that dress, it was stunning.

    also, i love she calls her eva and says it correctly. it's not EEEEEva. :biggrin:
  6. Too bad she was calling Anne "Annie"! UGH that was annoying lol
  7. ^ apparently, that's what she likes being called. she's one of my sa's clients and when she first met her, anne hathaway introduced herself as annie.
  8. thanks for clearing that up! Still is a little weird hearing it though lol
  9. I love Taylor - she is so pretty and I enjoy her comments. Brad is fine except he doesn't seem to do much work.
  10. LOL i was just about ask if anybody watches the show. i freaking love rachel my virgo sister. i definitely see the typical virgo traits on her, love it.

    i think this is thee best fashion/stylist show ever!!!!
  11. Oh and i love taylor,and her style and funky hair(she makes messy hair so pretty) she keeps it truthful and does it all for fashion and not the media. i don't really have a problem with brad i feel sorry for him at times because he gets treated like a step child.
  12. I'm a Virgo too and I love that she is one as well!
  13. i wouldn't mind if he just stood in the middle of the studio and dispenses his brad-isms. he's effing hilarious! i love him.
  14. I agree..I just wanna be brad's best pal or something...
  15. ^agreed. i loved when he was in the car the day of the globes, freaking out about not having cell phone reception and then out of the blue he was like, "is that my boyfriend?" he is a scream. it seems exhausting and insane but i would love to work for rachel. for one year.