The Rachel Zoe Project

  1. ^^Me too, or I will come undone!
  2. taylor has really grown on me, personally and style-wise. she acts like a sulky teenage brat around rachel but that is the dynamic of their relationship. when she works and has her game face on, she is pretty amazing for someone so young. i see brad as the opposite. he has good taste and he is very sweet and amusing, but i wouldn't trust him as much as taylor.
  3. I freaking love her haircut.
  4. Has her faux fur coat line come out yet? I saw on one episode she was talking to a company about it. The coats look fab. I'd love one.

  5. tell me about it!! I was drooling all over!! :nuts:
  6. The boots were amazing! They suit her very well.
  7. much do u guys think Tay gets paid? she seems to have all these fabulous goodies? or do u think they get to keep certain items?
  8. I have wondered that too. I would love to know!
  9. I was thinking the same thing. She has some great watches, bags, clothes and shoes. I doubt she gets paid much. wonder if her family has $.
  10. I was thinking about that, too. Those CL OTK boots probably "fell off" the shelf of Rachel's studio/showroom!
  11. Does anyone know what CL's booties Taylor was wearing in last nights episode (season2 episode 2)
  12. She probably has a lot of inside connections and has first dibs on sample sales & the like. Taylor is growing on me a bit. She seem like the Cinderella doing the grunt work while Brad goes to the parties & schmoozes. I still think she complains too much. Thousands of girls would love her job and Rachel seems like a nice boss.
  13. surprisingly, i really empathized with taylor this week. is she miserable? yes, but at the same time, it seems like she's the only one who's working hard. meanwhile, rachel's out vintage shopping and going bananas over everything with her pet, brad, while she sends taylor to do all the tedious work. besides, i can't hate on a girl who rocks those thigh high louboutin boots so hard and so damn well.

    i can't believe brad is seemingly good friends with lorenzo martone, marc jacobs's fiance!!!
  14. Rachel's coat at the Marquesa's studio was flippin out of here (layered, feathered?and black?). There was a big ribbon bow in the front? Bananas!

    Taylor is driving me bananas this year with her rocking look!!!!!!!!

    I keep freeze framing!! (no other show instills this behavior in me).
  15. Taylor should kiss the employment ground she's on. Venture out dear? Times are tough. I don't mean to sound harsh but three years in any industry is a flash in the pan and right now Taylor sounds too sophomoric. Talk to me after 5 years; then you have a leg to stand on?

    Given that Taylor's look rocks!!!!!!!!;)