The Quiet Storms Adios and Ciao Ciao vinyls

  1. I emailed quiet storms and they said they are shipping thte preorders tomorrow! YAYA!
  2. yay. :yahoo:

    i see lots of stores with them but they're pricey. ><
  3. Yay!!!! We've been waiting like forever.
  4. I just got mine today... I ordered from the Tokidoki website.
  5. thx whiskers~!:nuts:
  6. I got mine yesterday but didn't open the shipping box yet! :nuts: My BF wanted to do it together and then we totally forgot. I saw the box still sitting in the living room this morning!! I can't wait to open it tonight when he gets home!! :yahoo:

    What's quietstorms?? :confused1:
  7. cant wait till my package comes too....
  8. Still waiting for mine too :smile:
  9. I gotta call from my son that a package came in from Quiet Storm. =)
  10. My BF and I finally opened our adios & ciao ciao package yesterday :tup: They are super duper cute! :love: We both :love: them!!

    How much did everyone pay for theirs from Quiet Storms? :confused1:
  11. i believe it was 29.99 for a pair.
  12. That's a great deal!! I think I paid -- or my BF paid :rolleyes: $17.99 each. I should've asked everyone where they were getting the deals :push:
  13. yay! They were waiting for me at home. I put them next to my clay ones. hehehe.
  14. I come home and my Adios and Ciao vinyls are already displayed in my daughters room! Hmmm! LOL..
    Here's a quick pic from my phone.. sorry kinda blurry..

    I got mine for $29.99 too. :p
  15. ahhh Leen!! I so love your icebat ugly doll :drool: cute cute vinyls!!