the Questions thread

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  1. Hi Everyone..

    im starting this thread as sometimes i have questions that are not worth opening or starting a whole new thread about just for one thing yet i dont want to rid eon someone elses thread.. so i thought i would start this where people can come in and ask whatever they want about preganancy or parenting big or small all in one place and then we get qs answered.. does that make sense? sorry if ppl think this is dumb

    here are mine:

    1- im getting major cellulite everywhere now that im preggers what exercise cna i do now to reduce this?

    2- do you guys elevate your legs at night while your sleeping?

    3-are there any old wiives tale remedies to help with the feeling of wanting to sleep all the time?

    i hvd loads last night but this is all i can remeber now..
  2. 1. I'm the type who thinks that there's not really much you can do about cellulite other than exercising, and even then it may not go away.

    2. While I was pregnant I elevated my legs as often as I possibly could. While watching TV, while reading, and in bed just a little bit. My feet got swollen pretty quick and this helped.

    3. Being tired is normal! :smile: Just think of it this way...get as much sleep as you can now because you'll miss it later. I'm not sure how active your day is, but I always felt better after taking a walk / getting some fresh air. As long as I kept busy, I was fine...but as soon as I sat down to relax I felt like falling asleep!
  3. 1 -- NONE. You're pregnant, the only time you have an excuse to be oversized. Enjoy it because you will miss it post partum when you're still heavier than pre-preg weight. Some people do pregnancy-yoga but most said did not help. When I was pregnant up to around 6 months I did quite a bit of outdoor activities like hiking up hills and lower level mountains of moderate terrains. I was already used to these activities before pregnancy but won't suggest them to you unless you were in the same boat. 6+ mos I was really showing and the only exercises I did were yoga at home and outdoor briskwalking for maximum 2 miles. It's not really cellulite, alot of it is water retention, same with what you get before a period but larger scale. It's hormonal not physical so exercising won't really help reduce it.

    2 -- No they were same level as my body when sleeping, although I did elevate them for like 10-15 minutes now and then throughout the day. Do not elevate while sleeping. You'll hamper the blood circulation!! You will get crampy legs while sleeping normally but that's completely normal and the phase will go away eventually.

    3 -- I seriously wonder why you're asking these questions to prevent your own body from functioning properly. If you're tired it's your body's way of telling you you're too stressed or overworking, to get some rest, baby needs this of you. In the last few weeks you will feel extreme exhaustion and it is there for good reason, you need all the energy in the world for labor, which is tiring for most mothers and their babies. So sleep! It's good for you.
  4. thanks to everyone that answered :smile:

    i thought that the second trimester is when im meant to feel alive and well and bouncy haha i dont im always tired..

    i have a job too full tiem so it could be when i get home im jsut exhausted from that. i didnt mean to sound like im trying to go against my body or anything...

    Also weird question but did most of you feel ''turned on'' at some point in your pregnancy? im mostly feeling turned off but always heard its meant to be the oppostie so i wanted to ask to see wht the usual is..
  5. I think I was turned on throughout my whole pregnancy! DH loved it! haha :smile:

  6. 1-The sellulite goes away after all the water retention in your body reduces after having the baby. At least it did for me.

    2-I slept on my left side and kept a pillow between my legs, couldn´t sleep otherwise.

    3-Just sleep, it´s your body telling you something
  7. "Also weird question but did most of you feel ''turned on'' at some point in your pregnancy? im mostly feeling turned off but always heard its meant to be the oppostie so i wanted to ask to see wht the usual is.."

    To answer your question, I did not have a point anytime in the pregnancy that I felt turned on. Not in the least bit lol
  8. ^ hahaha glad to know im not the only one.. hubby keeps thinking that this iwll change.. it wnt it seems

    also what in the world is with the leg cramps?? THEY ARE EXCRUTITATING!~!
  9. Pelvic bone pain in the weeks leading yo your EDD and then active stage labor are far more painful hihhihihi.

    Body pains are there to male you look forward to labor to get baby out asap.

  10. OMG Yes the charlie horses! AAACK!
    I was getting them every night.. I started eating bananas more and that seemed to help, but then I switched to Vitamin D milk also and haven't had one in about 2 weeks!
  11. I have not expericened those yet...guess I have something else to look forward to. LOL!!
  12. Not everyone gets them...pregnancy symptoms are as unique as fingerprints ;)!
  13. Well I keep all the symptoms in the back of my mind so if I experience anything then I have some reference of what it is. Sounds silly I know.
  14. 1. No, unfortunately there isn't anything that can be done for cellulite
    2. I did toward the end. My ankles were starting to look like my thighs!
    3. Sleep, that is all that will help.
  15. i have a couple more qs..

    1) did any of you start walking before giveing birth? wha ti mean is my doc has suggested i walk for a mimumum of 30mins everyday from this week onwards to help with the delivery of the baby? i dont see the corollation?

    2_ when do you go to the hospital when u feel like ur in labor? my friend is havin contractiosn but they sent her home