The question is... Kelly or not to Kelly??

  1. Ok..I'm in a rush in Columbus airport.

    One question if you have to pick one:

    32 kelly black box ph sellier


    32 kelly blue jean swift retourne

    WHICH ONE? ;)
  2. 32 black box ph sellier... start with the holy grail of kellies and work from there
  3. I'd say Bj if it wasn't swift....

    Go black box sellier
  4. Definitely black box sellier Kelly. But you're a young lady, wellow .... so I'm just not so sure, KWIM? If you think you'll get alot of wear from it, grab it!!!!!!:heart:
  5. If you are not in hurry, and don't have to do hasty decisions ... maybe find one with gold hardware??? This would be a real classic!
  6. Probably too late to be a meaningful opinion but I would say...pass on both of them, hold out for : 28 black box kelly (either seilier or retourne) or bj clemence or togo retourne (any size). Neither of which are too stodgy. There are a lot of kelly bags at the moment in the Hermes stores - this wont last for long, but you might as well take this "opportunity in the market" to get exactly what you want.
    If you really insist on buying one - seriously neither is a mistake, but the black box is probably safer, will sell faster if you change your mind.
  7. i guess im in the minority here- i think bj in swift and in the slouchier retourne sounds so gorgeous and special! the black box is a dime a dozen, the bj sounds really fun. from your avatar i see you like colour and bj is a beautiful one.
    ps this is coming from someone who ADORES black bags. but seriously, black box is classic and beautiful but will always be there.
  8. I say both. LOL
  9. black box!!
  10. BJ in swift!
  11. Black box!!! Beautiful!!! :biggrin:
  12. black box!!!
  13. I'd take the black box in a hearbeat--esp. b/c it's w/PH! Not a big fan of Swift...if the BJ were in Togo or Clemence that would be good.
  14. black box!!
  15. My gut reaction says black box, but blue jean might be the totally iconic neutral for YOU. The real answer is - get the one that makes your heart beat faster!