The quest for the perfect foundation

  1. For my entire life I cannot ever find the right foundation.

    I have light medium to dark-light skin and brown hair. I'm not sure if its olive or yellow base, but its warm.

    Anyhow, when I use MAC, my skin breaks out into tiny lil bumps (every facialist I've had told me to stay from the stuff) and it looks powdery/cakey and turns a wierd muddy color after a while.

    I've also tried, liquid foundations (e.g. various Estee Lauders) but all of them do no provide enough coverage.

    Lately, I tried Chanels Double Perfect Powder and that seems to work well if I use it first then put MAC Studio Fix on top of that (and stops the wierd bumps from MAC). THat looked wonderful in summer. Now that its drier, my skin is back to looking dry/powdery.

    Can anyone give me a suggestion on a foundation that is not matte, won't cause acne or bumps, and is a medium coverage.
    a make up artist in SoCal I can go to. I'd pay a lot of money if someone could teach me how to put on make up right.
  2. i just started using bare essentials and i really really really like it. i'm just having an issue with the color match -- the shades are too warm for me (except the very lightest, which i should have bought but it didn't come in the kit thingy). philosophy supernatural is also really good (but again, i can't find a color...they discontinued the really light one. grr.) i've also used laura mercier powder foundation and it didn't break me out. however i didn't like the amount you got/had to use to get coverage in comparison to the price.

    i would try the bare essentials. there are lots of raves about it floating around here and makeupalley. if you go to sephora or some Nordstroms they'll show you how to use it correctly. i've been using it for a week, and usually if something's going to give me a reaction it does it by now. *knock on wood* (mac gives me those same little bumpies...too bad, b/c nc15 is perfect colorwise)

    good luck. i hate shopping for foundation.
  3. If price is no object, go to Saks and try the new SK-II Air Touch foundation. It gets airbrushed on with a little machine - it is unbelievable. It was written about in the October InStyle magazine and the September Vogue, but just became available in the US on Wed - it's going fast!

    Cost is $150 the first time because you have to buy the machine, but you can buy refills. I have also tried many different foundations - I find that I am either very shiny very quickly, or get that cakey look - or both! This is only my first day using this stuff, but so far my skin looks great. It goes on very light and natural but evens out the skin and coverage is pretty good. Saks is also having their beauty event this week, so you also get a bag full of goodies!
  4. I'm currently using Cle de Peau Beaute cream foundation in 020. Amazing stuff! :yes:
  5. ditto on the Bare Escentuals/Bare minerals line. It is somewhat matte but it provides coverage according to your needs. I love it, but I don't wear foundation on a daily basis and since it is powder, it doesn't go bad like liquid foundations do.
  6. you can try everydayminerals, i got my free and very generous samples there of 3 shades, 1 blush, and finishing dust. from what i heard the color selection cater to ppl with very fair skintones. some BE users feel that the colors arent light enough. you can go into their site and get ur samples there.
  7. OMG -- I have been waiting for this! Thanks for the post :yahoo:
  8. You should also try Armani. The Luminous silk foundation is beautiful, great yellow undertones.
  9. laura mercier is my favourite for tan /cofeee color skin..
  10. It's pretty sheer, but I like Stila tinted moisturizer but I'm going to Sax to try the new airbrushing machine! Thanks for the tip.
  11. After many bad ones, I like the Cle de Peau Beaute. The Chanel is also good and they have so many coverage options. Good Luck.
  12. Another vote for Mineral Makeup - Everyday Minerals Makeup. It doesn't cause acne and their intensive formulation offers more coverage as do their concealors. Plus it doesn't contain bismuth oxychloride (potential irritant) like BE and is great quality for the price.
  13. i agree with missmary.. armani is the best.. it goes on soooooo smooth and sheer i love it.. it doesnt feel like im wearing anything
  14. i like mineral make up too! i use jane iredale and i've been very happy with it. makes my skin look glowing
  15. i'm going to third the armani - it's impossible to put it on badly, the stuff is wonderful and has never irritated my skin. i use the luminous silk foundation, but if you're dry-skined, you might want to try the hydramax (i think that's what it's called) for winter.