The quest for the 'perfect car'

  1. I mentioned briefly yesterday in another thread that Megs and I were looking for a new car for her/us. The lease on her Honda Coupe is running out early December and we had been looking into getting her another Coupe, with the option of getting a sporty sedan as well. We had some early preferences that were based on judging looks and what we'd heard from others or read on forums.

    - BMW 3 series coupe: Awesome looks, supposedly very potent engine in the 335i.
    - Lexus IS: Not too impressive looking, little room in the back.
    - Audi A4: supposedly high quality, great 4WD, average looks.
    - MB C-class: very sporty looks, comparable, competitive pricing
    - Infiniti G37: new model, powerful V6, sporty looks

    Our first step in discovering the competitive market in the $40k range was the G37s MT. We had a chance to test drive it 3 weeks ago down in Florida. The engine was very lively, the big issue for me personally was that there wasn't enough head space in the front! At 6'1", I am no giant, but I have a relatively long torso. Couldn't get comfortable, so we ditched the idea.

    Next in line was the Mercedes C-class. The exterior looks of the C350 Sport were impressive, very edgy lines and a 3-blade grill. The engine was last generation model's 3.5L V6 that proved to work well with the auto-7-gear transmission. What definitely was a BIG downer was the quality of the interior. Especially after revisiting the C350 after seeing the Audi A4, the interior seemed flat out CHEAP. If you get the chance, look at the door lock knobs. CHEAP plastic, cheaply molded, quality that shouldn't be found on a $45,000 car. Guess they must save somewhere to make the car competitive in the market. :push: Other than that, the ride quality was decent, the cornering was precise and the suspension took bumps quite well.

    The Audi A4 impressed with an absolutely wonderful leather interior. The quality of materials applied in the driver cabin just seemed to be in another class compared to the previous two competitors. The 2.0L Turbo engine didn't impress me, the turbo lag was very obvious and quite annoying. The auto transmission was also not as smooth as MB's. We test drove the 3.2L V6 (255hp) today in manual, I would have definitely rooted for a 2008 3.2L V6 A4 quattro... until we got to drive the 335i today. :upsidedown:

    We weren't too keen on even trying the BMW 3 series, as we thought we were going to pay more for comparable performance. After we were done with the Audi, the BMW dealership was close by and we decided to give it a shot. Our first impression was that the leather interior was comparable to the Audi in quality, yet perhaps not quite as good. Definitely better than the MB!

    We first drove the 328xi, from building that model on we thought that it was going to be closer in the price range that we were looking to spend. Holy cow, they don't call it the Ultimate Driving Machine for no reason. Ride comfort much higher than in the Audi (which was much stiffer), yet it took corners without much fuss and the in-line 6 was very responsive and a great match for the chassis. Just for kicks, I inquired to the sales person whether they had the 335i dual turbo-charged available for test driving. I had heard great things about it, wanted to drive it for myself.

    The very second we pulled the 335i sedan off the lot and hit the accelerator Megs and I were sold on it. Holy s**t! :wtf:

    Such a brutal force under the hood, it blew everything else we had tested out of the water by a great margin. Smooth cruising on the highway was as much of a pleasure as flooring it in a straight line and hearing the turbos wheezing like they had asthma and pressing us into the sporty seats. :roflmfao:

    Insane drive, and Megs and I decided that there was no question on what car were are going to get. We debated between the sedan and the coupe, considering our current stage in life and visual preference, we opted for the coupe.

    Our choice: Sparkling Graphite, black leather (& upholstery), aluminum trim, sports package, heated seats and some additional misc. addons. Here's two pictures that are a pretty exact representation of what we'll order in one of the next weeks:


  2. Ohhhh :drool:

    The BMW is a machine... an absolutely amazing machine!!!!!
  3. Very nice!!!! Congrats!!!
  4. sexy little car!:yes:
  5. :drool: I love that car! Congrats!
  6. LOVE it!! I would have gone for a BMW, too, love them!
  7. Thats GREAT looking! How fun, I love new cars.
  8. I typically do not care about engines, but the engine on this 335 is ASTOUNDING!!!! Right after we touched the gas pedal, I was completely sold. And I love all the options! Heat seats are my favorite invention, so I of course added that. Just love it!

    Vlad is SO excited though. I am excited but he is beyond thrilled!

    The car is order only- and takes about a month to get in, so once we place the order we will have it in about a month. Seems like a long wait, but well worth it!
  9. Ohhh!! Congrats guys! I love your car! I love BWMS!
  10. Congratulations!! I have the 335i as well and love her dearly!! I have the space grey exterior with red leather interior.... kind of an old skool michael jackson look haha. DH laughs at me because I have never let anyone pass me at a stoplight since I got it. It's hard not to drive it fast. For one, you don't realize how fast it's going and for two it's just the most fun car that I have ever owned in my life!! Congratulations again!!! You will only love it more as each day passes hehe. I will have to take pics of mine and post tomorrow!!
  11. And be extra careful because I have only had mine since June and I have noticed that on the left side of my driver's seat I have this favorite pair of jeans with buttons on the back pocket and from sliding in and out it has worn the leather a bit. Nothing too serious... I'll be sure to take a pic of that too and post it.
  12. Love it!!! Congrats!! I have a 325 and I LOVE it! Enjoy...
  13. Good choice! My best friend had one in high school...and even 20 years ago, that thing cooked!

    Congrats in advance on the new car!
  14. OMG great choice! I never had a chance to own a BMW, but my mom has a new 3 series sedan and she adores it! I also like the 6 series but the price tag is :wtf:.
  15. Sexy car! Beautiful exterior, and I expect it is a rather sweet ride also.