the Queen of all SOUTH SEA pearl studs!!! Pics

  1. Can you say boulders? LOL Thats what Chaz calls em LOL So I downgraded a bit in size since the ones I had were 16mm and were slicing my ear holes:cursing:. These beauties are 15MMs with hardly any blemish on them and have silver overtones:love:. There was a pair of 14MMs with pink overtones that I wanted to get which were slightly more lustruous than this pair but size matters to me the most:tup:. The 14mms were not as round too and seemed to disappear from a distance because they were smaller. I love em chunky LOL So here they are blurry and dark since its already night time and I cant figure out the best lighting and all that. I am not the best photographer in town :girlsigh:
    south sea pearl.JPG south sea pearl 2.JPG pearls.JPG pearls 2.JPG
  2. Great earrings!
  3. Sol they are just divine!!!! Well done honey!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Wow! They are TDF IMO. Love south sea pearls.
  5. Beautiful! I love pearls too.
  6. They look beautiful, perfect size!!!!:okay:
  7. I love them!!
  8. oh wow, those are gorgeous!
  9. Wow, those are STUNNING...absolutely gorgeous on you! Perfect size!
  10. Thanks everyone!!! The size is just perfect:love:! Its tough to find good quality south sea pearls and believe me, it took me more than 2 hours to decide which pair to get since there were about a hundred or more laid by my friend on the dining table:sweatdrop:, and it felt like I was drowning in an ocean of pearls :drool:LOL
  11. ^You picked the perfect pair!
  12. Beautiful earrings! Very well-chosen.
  13. I thought size didn't matter! ROFL oh wait...we're women.

    Gorgeous earrings! Those are bling!!! =D
  14. holy cow, those are HUGE!! they look amazing...what a bold and chic statement they make. :smile:
  15. LOLOLOL...thanks Cast!