The quality of your leather sabrina?

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  1. HI,girls,I just got a small sabrina, and I found that the quality of the leather is so.....I mean it looks not as googd as the products two months is not so soft and the front side is just fine, the back is so:tdown:....the leather is harder and not as smooth as the is it normal leather problems or you think I have go to the store to change it to another one? thanks
  2. it seems that there is a lot of variation in the sabrinas from one bag to another. it may be just that particular purse. can you exchange it for another? i sent back one large leather espresso sabrina for this reason. it also may be that some colors are more prone to variations. my black one is much more uniform. what color is yours?
  3. mine is a small one in espresso
  4. my espresso was crap- rough and very scratched. it scratched easy too like it was missing a coating or something. my black is perfect.
  5. my sabrinas vary... my black one is stiffer and not as smooshy. My teal one is smooshy and soft... It difference doesn't bother me because they both look good.
  6. Steel is the best leather in the sabrina IMHO. It is pebbly and oh so soft and buttery.
  7. i had the very same experience with the black and espresso sabrinas!
  8. I know one side of my black Sabrina is more pebbled then the other. Doesn't bother me though.
  9. I have both espresso and cherry. Mine are both luscious and the more I wear them, the softer and smooshier the leather gets. I'd definitely try to exchange it for another one. It's true there is a lot of variation from bag to bag. Each one is unique.
  10. thanks for u all, cause i just started to like coach leather products(because of TDF,my taste is better!),and when I get my bag, I always want it to be perfect, so I think I have to get used to the leather products and the variation of leather......
  11. I noticed this too. I have an espresso Julianne the the leather is soooo soft and smooshy. But I was in Macys the other day and the leather julianne they had on display felt stiff and not very flexible. I guess there is just natural variations in the leather. But I do agree that the madison leather scratches very easily. I keep finding new rubs and scratches on my bags and I hate it.
  12. *strokes cherry Sabrina* She's perfect :heart:
  13. I have a medium Espresso Sabrina, and the brown is soft and smooshy, I had thought the zipper stuck and asked to see a few more and the others were a more stiff leather. I think for me that I like to see a few bags , 2 or 3 at a time and not order sight unseen. All leathers are different, some softer some harder, even in the same collection.
  14. All of my Sabrina's have been good (knock on wood) I can't complain, just hope my luck holds out for others that I order.
  15. I've got the small black and brass sabrina, and the front is a bit more pebbled/wrinkly/textured than the back i think. I was a bit put off at first (I had to get her shipped to be internationally since i'm not in the US), but she's grown on me and I think she's beautiful!

    Leather is definately smooshy and soft and smells wonderfulllll...

    I have bought a putty one for my mother as well, and that one also looks quite textured. We'll see how she likes it once I give it to her for her birthday in two weeks :smile: