The quality of Old Navy jeans

  1. I went and tried on some Old Navy jeans today, and I was disappointed with the quality. The denim looks very flimsy, like it will start having holes after a couple of washings.

    Those who wear Old Navy jeans, how has the quality been for you?
  2. I have one pair. They are sort of trouser style with a flair leg. I don't think there are the standard stock. They are holding up pretty well. I have not shopped at Old Navy in some time as I have found their quality going down.
  3. I have two pairs of old navy jeans, and they were a little bit expensive(around $5~$10) than the other jeans(that I don't like design or they don't fit on my body), and I think they are great in design and color.
    I washed them several times and wear them over an year, and they still look great.

    I also have Seven jeans, but frankly, I am not sure my seven jeans are better than my old navy jeans.
    But I know I cannot sure about this for the quality of all old navy jeans...
  4. I've tried on old navy jeans and was not impressed with the quality. If you don't want to spend $100 or more on jeans, I would recommend gap. They have some nice styles in varying sizes/fits.
  5. I have one old navy jeans that I have been wearing for 4 years and still hold up pretty good.
  6. I had a pair (when I weighed more, they're too big now) but they were one of my faves, I wore them all the time. They were stretchy & comfy - I don't think they have the exact style anymore because if they did I would buy them again. No holes or anything like that. I haven't been to old navy for quite some time though, maybe the quality has changed.......?
  7. I had a pair from a few years ago, but they held up well. I have not checked them out in years. I agree about Gap though. Actually, I wore some jeans from Gap for almost 3 years and they still looked great. I just bought a new pair- hadn't bought jeans in almost 2 yrs- and they are much softer now. I hope the soft ones hold up as well as the stiffer ones used to.
  8. Old Navy's sizing is just way too all over the place for me to even try to find a pair of jeans there! For under $100 jeans I love AE and Express!
  9. They don't make the really expensive jeans in my size, so I have to stick to jeans that are under $100. I have always been impressed by the quality of Gap jeans, so I am going to go there and see how they fit now.

    I have a pair of LL Bean jeans that have held up great, but I don't think their jeans are really in style anymore? If they are, can someone tell me which kinds are stylish?
  10. I've tried Old Navy jeans in the past and been very disappointed with not only the quality but, even more so, the fit. They felt terrible on - like wearing a baggy diaper. At this point I'm partial to Paige and Seven's, but as far as "cheap" demin goes I think that Banana is the best place in terms of style, quality and fit.
  11. I would probably recommend jeans from Express over jeans from Old Navy. I tend to have mixed experiences w/ ON. I have purchased tanks & camis that get holes in them after 2 weeks and other things that have held up well.
  12. I have 20 pairs of designer jeans (maybe more, haven't counted in a long time), but I also have 2 pairs from Old Navy that I wear sometimes. The fit is :tdown:, but the quality isn't bad considering the price. You get what you pay for, KWIM? For jeans that were $15 I can't really complain! :shrugs:
  13. I once bought a pair from Old Navy and i was dissapointed it ripped in 3 days o.o
  14. Yes, that happened to me several years ago. I love Old Navy prices, but the quality and fit is not good for me.
  15. Yep the sizes are wayyy out there. If you are a smaller size, that is not the place to shop! Shirts and things are ok there if you find your size (I find quality really varies on shirts, and sometimes you get luckier then other times), but jeans that fit me are impossible. It's good I guess if you have bigger assets lol but gives me that butt pouch which is really unflattering.

    I prefer target for the same price range.