The python largo hobo is here!!!

  1. Not the best pics though!

    it's still stuffed in these pics


  2. Ooh, it's gorgeous!
  3. forgot to mention, this was the one mismarked at Neimans. Got it for $1150 instead of the $3690 it retails for currently
  4. wow love love it...its amazing and looks super hot!!!

  5. I saw that too. I thought about posting it on tpf, but then I didnt. haha Its not the first time theyve done it, and it wont be the last. Good for you!!
  6. oh, what a bag :yahoo:
  7. congrats!
  8. wow, that's seriously a good price for a python! lucky you! wear her well! I'm sure she's going to a get a lot of compliments, or at least YOU will. ;)
  9. That is one heck of a good deal for a gorgeous bag ! :tup: Congrats !
  10. OMG, so be:heart:utiful. I cannot believe the price. Soo sooo lucky!! :drool:
  11. I've been dying to see the pics! It was definitely worth the wait. She is gorgeous! You're so lucky.. Congratulations.
  12. Wow! It is stunning. :drool:
  13. Holy CRAP!!! That is a beauty!!!!
  14. Great deal and beautiful bag.
  15. lovely bag