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The Pursuit of Happiness.


Jan 9, 2006
I saw it. My bf enjoyed it, our friend didn't like it... and I fell asleep, lol. I don't know if it was just because it was dark and I wasn't in the mood for the movie, or if the movie wasn't that great. Official reviews seem to be mixed...


Sep 6, 2006
i liked it!

but i couldn't read the book, it just wasn't as good as something like the devil wears prada...i suppose that's me comparing oranges to apples..but you know what i mean?

the movie was better

it's also shot in san francisco so it was cool seeing bits and pieces of my city!


Mar 10, 2006
My BF and I saw it on opening night, and it was a very good story. We have the book and even though the were some details not included in the movie script, it was still a great movie. Will Smith's son is such a cute boy. Did guys notice the real Chris Gardner at the end?


May 6, 2006
I want to see this really bad but I can tell it's the kind of movie that will make me ball!! I think I'll wait until Christmas to watch it. Maybe it will make me more appreciative of my life and how blessed I am.


and u too!!!
Oct 7, 2006
I thought it was really good. I thought Will Smith's son was so good in it. Anyone else see it?

I absolutely loved this movie....I saw it Friday night when it opened, and the movie theater was PACKED! I have never been to such a FULL showing in my life!!

If there is one thing I got from this movie - if you ever think your life SUCKS, remember what Chris Gardner went through and you will be thankful you have what you have and that your like isn't all that bad!

It just made me want to give back to my community, like I already do by volunteering and all - but even more so to the Salvation Army....although I was on Michigan Ave (chicago) on satruday and I am not lying there were at least 25 Salvation Army people on Michigan Ave -quite an overload, I can't ever remember there being so many Salv. Army people on Michigan Ave before, ever....must be a huge year to raise money? I don't know...