The purses we buy

  1. I'm wondering but for the women that are married and have children - what does your DH say about your purse addiction? Mine has been pretty understanding since purses are the only thing I have really spent money on. Nothing major yet - Dooney and Burkes and Coachs which I feel are the low end of designer purses (nothing wrong with them though - I still LOVE em) but at my age, I want a more classic stylish purse. DH has said to me that he thought it was a good investment since purses are something I use all the time. He does get this weirded out look though now when I start talking Chanel - he's asked me on more than one occasion - "Aren't those high end?" Of course dear! :yes: but it's sooo worth the money! :heart:

    How many Chanel's are you all alloted say .. in a year? I'm wondering if I start asking for a new Chanel on my birthdays or Christmas if my DH will eventually be like .. "umm...NOT again!" :wtf:

    This is a bit personal and if you don't want to answer or you think I'm rude .. tell me! But wondering how in the world some of you afford what you have! I just started working, DH is a Marine so we're certainly not rich .. especially since we have 5 children between the both of us. *sigh* I have expensive tastes ... I hate it sometimes. I'm just going to start a purse fund - on top of our regular savings .. can't think of anything else to do!
  2. I have a v understanding husband, and even if he doesnt like to admit it, he gets drawn in slightly by my addictions! Now that its firmly with Chanel, he has noticed bags in magazines etc and will say oh thats a chanel etc etc, and I have helped with the purchasing of new bags, by selling other designer bags to help fund them.

    Ofcourse if I was buying a couple of new Chanel bags every month, he might have something to say about it (but I really dont know is the honest answer!). I am trying to find bags that are different and not too many that would have the same function with Chanel, but if I could find lots of diff flaps, that might not stay the case!!
  3. ooh just noticed Peeking, that you have 5 children !! gosh the fact that you have managed to buy any with such a large family to look after, is admirable, kids want so much stuff these days :biggrin: ;)
  4. Hi Peeking_Around, welcome to CC. My husband is pretty understanding about my purse addiction. We've been married for a while, so he knows that I'm nuts about bags. I buy mostly classic pieces, the ones that I know I can carry for years to come. I still carry the bags that I bought from 15 years ago, so DH knows that I do spent good $$ on bags, but I will use them for a long long time.

    I myself work, and so my DH never made a comment on how much I spent. The way he see it, I fund my own addiction :shame: I think this year I've bought a lot more bags than usual, and so I'm putting myself in a ban. Well, maybe one more before the price increase. ;) Then I'd really have to justify the purchase before I make the plunge. I have to be awake at night thinking about the bag, before I buy them.
  5. So far it has been on a need to know basis and DH does not need to know :nogood:. Seriously, I fund my own addiction. I am new to Chanel, having just crossed over from Coach :smile:. I did decide to get 3 classic pieces to beat the price increase, but they will be purses I can see myself carrying for years and evenually giving to my daughter (who is 6mths old now). I can never see my DH buying me a Chanel for a birthday or Christmas. Maaayyyybbbbeeee when we get to a major aniversary. My children have and get what they need and (for my son) alot of what he wants. My future Chanel purchases will be from money I save on the side for "mommy wants".
  6. :roflmfao:

    My DH doesn't need to know either. In fact, he has absolutely no interest in handbags. Nor does he know how much Chanel's cost, which is probably a good thing.
    I don't work, but get money for b-day and christmas and usually use that money to fund some of my bags. Or I will sell some of the bags I haven't used. Lately, it seems I have bought alot, but I try to space out my purchases and probably won't buy another bag until spring.
  7. Gosh, where to begin other than to say 5 kids, wowser!!! Congrats, you deserve a high end purse once in awhile even if it means having a separate fund.

    For some strange reason I'm addicted to flaps be they e/w, medium, the occasional jumbo and let's not forget reissues. This style is an investment. They are never going to decrease in value. Other styles may come and go, but these are appreciating in value with each hike in price. The bag can and will last a lifetime given proper care. Don't nix looking for a pre-owned bag in excellent condition. My first Chanel I found in a high end thrift store.

    My husband bought my first new Chanel 20 years ago; he bought another two this year and a wallet. He's probably not done yet as my birthday is approaching, lol.
  8. Well, I save up for my bags; there are really only 2 more that I want and then I think my collection is complete. I don't need THAT many bags and I can not justify having bags for the sake of having them. CHANEL has changed quite a bit and, IMHO, are acting a bit "too big for their britches". I won't get on my soapbox, but some of the things I've seen have made me start to look at other brands.

    DH knows how much I love CHANEL and why. But there is very little throw-away cash and I really have to ask myself if this is something I will USE; not just want. He doesn't complain about the cost (he has never asked, but he's not dumb, lol) just as long as the money isn't used from some other "fund" (as a sahm and grad student, I have food fund, school fund, kids fund, etc.). Anway, that's my take on the subject.
  9. What an interesting thread! I'm single and I've often wondered how SO/DH handle their partner's love of Chanel. Thanks for all the honesty. I can't imagine how I'd compromise if I was married. Fortunately at my age (45), I have a good job and not many bills ... it would be hard to stop buying my Chanels as often as I do if my partner complained.

    Then again, I can't see myself marrying someone who wouldn't tolerate my addiction!
  10. Well, I only *just* got married, and I already know that the number of new purses I can buy each year will be dropping dramatically from what I previously allotted myself...LOL!!!

    I definitely think that a separate purse fund is a great idea!! With 5 children to care for, you must work soooo hard. You deserve a new Chanel and it'll feel so good when you've finally saved up the money to buy one. Good luck!!!
  11. Wow!! You women, are... truly amazing. I know I don't belong here in this thread but I wanna say something too heee! If you lovelies don't mind!

    My mom could never find herself part with her money (she carried fendi most of her working life, retired at early 40s ) and she finds it so cheap (it was , back then at her time LOL) and practical. She bought Chanel workwear but she didn't really find their bags practical for work use because they weren't roomy enough. My dad buys her bags all the time , not the other way around. My mom barely shops unless she's with my dad LOL.

    I guess I didn't inherit that LOL. Obviously at my age (i think i'm probably one of the youngest in this thread) , I own many Chanels that some can barely imagine (and i feel bad my parents buy me whatever i want :sad: so i work hard at school to make sure i repay their kindness) and i don't think i'm able to spend at the rate i'm spending when I come out to work. Both my previous BFs actually got 'frightened' by my family and my way of life (we are material girls and dad being a shopaholic fashionista... sighhhh) , they thought we were extravagant (HAHAHAHA i think they should start reading tPF!!!) . Well, I hope when I come out to work, I'll start to spend more wisely and make sure I get only practical bags I will use a long time ! The bags I have now are usually of classic style but sometimes I go for uniqueness and color! I hope to pass them down to my children in the future.. heeeee!!! Just my thoughts!

  12. I only have only 3 Chanel bags so far in my collection. The majority of my collection belongs to my beloved brand, LV. :tup:

    Even though Chanel have a lot of classic bags that can be in style for a long time, I find it a little overpriced (if comparing the size of the bag to the price you have to pay to other brands.).

    I don't think I can buy more Chanel soon because of the upcoming extreme price increase. :push:
  13. You know, I think that my dh has just thrown up his hands. He really dosen't understand my addiction ['It's leather..', he says], but he usually says nothing. I've always loved Chanel clothes and bags, but my obsession had gotten out of control since I found this forum.:p Yep, I've found my nervana and I'm at peace with it.:rolleyes:

    That said, I use the excuse that I'm passing them down to my dd. Actally she's becoming quite the expert. She comments on the bags and is beginning to see the allure.
  14. Well we don't have children, but we both work in fields that pay us quite well. With no kids and a double income, it's pretty easy for us.

    In your case, I think starting some kind of savings account, preferrably with a decent return on interest is a good idea in order for you get get the goods you crave. :smile:
  15. I fund my own obsession as well. I couldn't imagine having to ask my dh for money to buy anything, especially Chanel! He just wouldn't get it. I mean, you could buy a used car or pay for a vacation for that kind of money!!!

    If I was a stay at home mom though, I would think that all the time, energy, and effort it takes to run a house with kids is definitely worth at least one Chanel bag a year (if not a season)! But I also know money is tight everywhere, so I would shop the magazines and look books and set my sights on something I know I would really love and use. Then I would put a picture of it on the refrigerator and make it perfectly clear that I am not running a house for kicks-- I expect to be paid, and I would be happy to take that payment in the form of Chanel. This attitude fits with my personality, so dh would understand. If a purse fund fits your personality, I say GO FOR IT!!!