the purseket colors are awful!!!

  1. is the only place to purchase a purseket? does anyone know where i can get one in a neutral color like brown?
  2. The ostriche isn't bad it is a brown with a touch of orange, it actually goes nice inside the mono speedy.
  3. the red one matches the interior of some bags (like saleya).
  4. I think the french gold is a pretty neutral color.
    I have the pink basketweave and I am very pleased with it.
    Some people have the pursebrite available at Linen & Things, I think it is black.
  5. i have a red purseket which i use for my Speedies, and i think it matches the bags, because most of the bags have red interiors anyway
  6. yeah... but there are aome authenticity land mines around there..
  7. i got a red one and a london plaid for brown interiors i think it's neutral and very pretty
  8. its a purse organizer .. what is going to be authentic about that ?
  9. I use pursebrite, from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's a creamy beige :yes:
  10. Oh, and the pursebrite is CHEAP! Only $9.99. Plus it has a light! I recommend it.
  11. I couldn't find any large Pursekets on eBay - only small and medium.

    Does the Purse Brite work as well as the Purseket in terms of adding structure?